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This species is accepted, and its native range is Ethiopia to Tanzania.


Lobeliaceae, Mats Thulin (University of Uppsala). Flora of Tropical East Africa. 1984

Perennial herb, 10–50 cm. tall, ± erect from a decumbent base.
Stems few-many, ribbed, glabrous to ± sparsely appressed pubescent.
Leaves oblanceolate or spathulate, up to 12–45 mm. long and 3–9(–12) mm. wide, subacute to rounded at the apex, attenuate below into a petiole-like base, glabrous or ± sparsely appressed pubescent on both sides, crenate-serrate; venation distinct beneath.
Flowers in lax 2–13-flowered pedunculate racemes; pedicels 3–15(–27) mm. long, erect in fruit, strigose; bracts lanceolate to narrowly ovate, 2–7 mm. long, entire, ciliate; bracteoles usually at or near the base of the pedicel, but sometimes higher up, linear-lanceolate, 1.2–2.4 mm. long, ciliate.
Hypanthium broadly obconical, somewhat oblique, ± 8-nerved, strigose.
Calyx-lobes narrowly triangular, 2–4 mm. long, entire, glabrous to shortly ciliate, somewhat gibbous at the base.
Corolla (11–)13–18 mm. long, pink, mauve, purple or rarely blue or white, with 2 longitudinal yellowish or whitish crests in the mouth of the tube, split to the base on the back, glabrous or usually at least with a few hairs on the outside of the upper lobes, papillose inside near the mouth of the tube; lower lip 5–10 mm. long, with obovate lobes 2–4 mm. wide; upper lobes lanceolate, recurved, 3–4 mm. long.
Filaments connate above, attached to corolla-tube at the base, densely pubescent on the inside in the upper part, otherwise glabrous or the 2 lower filaments puberulous at the base.
Anther-tube 2–2.4 mm. long, all anthers densely hairy at the apex, otherwise glabrous or rarely sparsely pilose on the connectives on the back.
Ovary semi-inferior.
Capsule ± 8-nerved, strigose, with 2 valves 2–3.5 mm. long.
Seeds ± broadly elliptic in outline, trigonous, 0.8–1 mm. long, very finely reticulate, dark brown.
Fig. 3.
Upland grassland and moor, forest edges, rocky or disturbed places; 900–3000 (–3500) m.
K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 T2 T3 T5 T6 T7

Native to:

Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zaïre

Lobelia holstii Engl. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Jan 1, 1984 Schlieben, H.J. [3489], Tanzania K000228581 isotype
Jan 1, 1964 Hildebrandt, J.M. [2463], Kenya K000228582 isosyntype
Gillett, J.B. [13947] 10003.000
Drummond, R.B. [1512], Tanzania 969.000
Holst, C. [8960], Tanzania K000228583 isosyntype
Christenhusz, M.J.M., Kamau, P., Mbale, M. [6631], Kenya K000696617

First published in Beibl. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 47: 51 (1894)

Accepted by

  • Lammers, T.G. (2007). World checklist and bibliography of Campanulaceae: 1-675. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Hedberg, I., Kelbessa, E., Edwards, S., Demissew, S. & Persson, E. (eds.) (2006). Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea 5: 1-690. The National Herbarium, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia & The Department of Systematic Botany, Upps.


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Flora of Tropical East Africa
Flora of Tropical East Africa

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