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This species is accepted, and its native range is Peninsula Thailand to Caroline Islands (Yap).

Native to:

Borneo, Jawa, Malaya, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Thailand

Asplenium vittaeforme Cav. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Dec 1, 2005 Lai S. T. [S66051], Malaysia K000407821
Jun 1, 1992 Jaman, R. [3984], Malaysia K000429468
Mar 9, 1987 Parris, B.S. [5729], Philippines K000445725
Mar 9, 1987 Parris, B.S. [5729], Philippines K000445726
Jul 23, 1986 Vore de [329], Philippines K000445724
Dec 12, 1984 Jermy, A.C. [13090A], Malaysia K000429460
Aug 8, 1971 UNESCO Limestone Expedition [244], Malaysia K000428666
Jan 1, 1930 Matthew, C.G. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429444
Loher, A. [1112], Philippines K000448076
Sandermann Olsen [222], Philippines K000448077
Cuming, H. [195], Philippines K000448081 Unknown type material
Loher, A. [s.n.], Philippines K000445720
Hancock, W. [32], Indonesia K000429447
Everett, A.H. [38/10], Indonesia K000429446
Zollinger, H. [2414], Indonesia K000429448 Unknown type material
Motley, J. [1218] K000429451
Burbidge, F.W. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429452
Iwatsuki, k. [973], Indonesia K000429453
Anderson, J.A.R. [S20902], Malaysia K000429455
Anderson, J.A.R. [55], Malaysia K000429461
Edwards, P.J. [2009A], Malaysia K000429469
Clemens, J. [27309], Malaysia K000429464
Amin [SAN121447], Malaysia K000429467
Coode, M.J.E. [5979], Indonesia K000429474
Hose, E. [321], Malaysia K000429463 holotype
Synge, P.M. [S579], Malaysia K000429466
Edwards, P.J. [2009A], Malaysia K000429470
Hennipman, E. [5457], Indonesia K000429480
Lobb, T. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429445
anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000597915
Scortechini, B. [537], Malaysia K000428661
Hennipman, E. [5459], Indonesia K000429475
Hennipman, E. [5459], Indonesia K000429476
Matthew, C.G. [s.n.], Philippines K000448080
Piggott, A.G. [2998], Malaysia K000428656
Hose, E. [321], Sarawak K000429462 holotype
Hennipman, E. [5086], Indonesia K000429478
Venning, F.E.W. [MA.24.], Malaysia K000428659
Piggott, A.G. [2882], Malaysia K000428698
Darnaedi, D. [1754], Indonesia K000429481
Elmer, A.D.E. [16791], Philippines K000448079
Piggott, A.G. [2882], Malaysia K000428697
Elmer, A.D.E. [10357], Philippines K000445728
Parris, B.S. [8984], Malaysia K000429473
Beccari, O. [s.n.], Indonesia K000597914
Purseglove, J.W. [5233], Malaysia K000429456
Parris, B.S. [7071], Malaysia K000429459
Brooks, C.J. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429457
Kato, M. [B6535], Indonesia K000429454
Dr. King's Collector [7196], Malaysia K000428658
Elmer, A.D.E. [7819], Philippines K000448074
Elmer, A.D.E. [17509], Philippines K000448075
Nur, Md. [12061], Malaysia K000428657
Synge, P.M. [S579], Malaysia K000429465
Hennipman, E. [5086], Indonesia K000429477
Parris, B.S. [8984], Malaysia K000429472
Loher, A. [s.n.], Philippines K000445721
Piggott, A.G. [2992], Malaysia K000428696
Horne, J. [198], Fiji K000655877
Elmer, A.D.E. [17312], Philippines K000448078
Raciborski, M. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429450
Hennipman, E. [5457], Indonesia K000429479
Bakhuizen v.d. Brink, R.C. [7662], Indonesia K000429449
Scortechini, B. [537], Malaysia K000428660
Holttum, R.E. [SFN25122], Malaysia K000429471
Quisumbing, E. [M37], Philippines K000445722
Anderson, J.A.R. [S31943], Malaysia K000429458
Blume, C.L. [s.n.], Indonesia K000597855
Iwatsuki, k. [S703], Indonesia K000429443

First published in Descr. Pl.: 255 (1801)

Accepted by

  • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.

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