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This species is accepted, and its native range is S. Ethiopia to E. DR Congo.


Cruciferae, Bengt Jonsell (University of Stockholm). Flora of Tropical East Africa. 1982

Annual herb of very variable size and habit.
Stems usually erect and branched only in upper parts (in low plants also ascending and branched from the base), furrowed, 15–120 cm. high, densely hispid especially below (rarely practically glabrous).
Leaves densely hairy on both surfaces (rarely almost glabrous); lower and median leaves petiolate, incised to lyrate-pinnate; terminal lobe large, acutely ovate to rhombic, cuneate (rarely truncate), 5–11 cm. long, 3–8 cm. broad in well developed plants; lateral lobes much smaller, in 1-few pairs, free or ± connected with each other and the end lobe; leaf-margins biserrate; upper leaves narrowly rhombic to lanceolate, serrate, almost sessile.
Racemes with numerous very small whitish flowers, in fruit lax, usually with several side branches, hairy, up to 30 cm. long; pedicels ascending to erect, 2.5–8 mm. long.
Sepals green with white margins, elliptic, 1.5–2.3 mm. long.
Petals white, narrowly spathulate, equalling or shorter than sepals, 1–2.5 mm. long.
Stamens 2–3 mm. long; anthers 0.4–0.7 mm. long; filaments linear, not denticulate.
Upper segment of ovary ellipsoid, slightly broader than and ± 6 times as long as the lower.
Nutlet spheroidal to broadly ellipsoid, distinctly reticulate to rugose, 2.5–4 mm. long, 2.2–3.3 mm. broad, with a yellowish brown finely rugose seed; lower fruit segment 0.2–0.6 mm. long, usually equalling but sometimes considerably longer than the gynophore.
Fig. 4, p. 14.
Grassland, forest clearings, various kinds of disturbed ground, often a weed of cultivations; 1200–3400 m.
montane areas of eastern Zaire K3 K4 K6 K7 T1 T2 T3 U1 U2 U3

Native to:

Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaïre

Crambe kilimandscharica O.E.Schulz appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Jan 1, 1976 Volkens, G. [1706], Tanzania K000230255 isosyntype

First published in Beibl. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 119: 54 (1916)

Accepted by

  • Edwards, S., Tadesse, M., Demissew, S. & Hedberg, I. (eds.) (2000). Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea 2(1): 1-532. The National Herbarium, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia & The Department of Systematic Botany, Upps.
  • Govaerts, R. (1999). World Checklist of Seed Plants 3(1, 2a & 2b): 1-1532. MIM, Deurne.
  • Hutchinson, J., Dalziel, J.M. & Keay, R.W.J. (1954-1958). Flora of West Tropical Africa, ed. 2, 1: 1-828.

Not accepted by

  • Jalas, J., Suominen, J. & Lampinen, R. (eds.) (1996). Atlas Florae Europaeae. Distribution of vascular plants in Europe 11: 1-310. [Cited as Crambe abyssinica.]


Flora of Tropical East Africa

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Flora of Tropical East Africa
Flora of Tropical East Africa

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