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This genus is accepted, and its native range is Tropics & Subtropics.


Podocarpaceae, John Lewis. Flora Zambesiaca 1:1. 1960

Morphology General Habit
Evergreen trees or shrubs, usually dioecious.
Morphology Leaves
Leaves linear, lanceolate or narrowly ovate, usually spirally arranged.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Strobili
Male strobili forming shortly stalked, short catkin-like basally bracteate cones with a pair of ± elliptic pollen-sacs on each median scale. Female strobilus of 1 or 2 fertile scales on a bracteolate axis; ovule inverted and soon becoming enclosed in an epimatium (false aril) which arises from the scale and ultimately forms a resinous leathery integument that becomes confluent with the woody testa. Base ("receptacle") of female strobilus sometimes swollen and fleshy at maturity.


Gymnospermae, R. Melville. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 1958

Morphology General Habit
Shrubs or trees to 30 m. high, with linear lanceolate leaves spirally arranged, or sometimes opposite or whorled on the same tree, dioecious
Morphology Reproductive morphology Cones
Male cones cylindrical, catkin-like, shortly stalked; female cones reduced, of 1 or 2 fertile scales bearing solitary inverted ovules and terminating short scaly or leafy lateral branches
Morphology Reproductive morphology Seeds
Epimatium sometimes fleshy, entirely enclosing the seed, and fused with the thin or thick woody testa
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Receptacle
Receptacle sometimes swollen and fleshy.

Native to:

Andaman Is., Angola, Argentina Northeast, Argentina Northwest, Argentina South, Assam, Bangladesh, Belize, Bismarck Archipelago, Bolivia, Borneo, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Provinces, Chile Central, Chile South, China South-Central, China Southeast, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Free State, Guatemala, Guyana, Hainan, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan, Jawa, Kenya, KwaZulu-Natal, Laos, Leeward Is., Lesotho, Lesser Sunda Is., Madagascar, Malawi, Malaya, Maluku, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nansei-shoto, Nepal, New Caledonia, New Guinea, New South Wales, New Zealand North, New Zealand South, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Northern Provinces, Northern Territory, Panamá, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Queensland, Rwanda, Solomon Is., Sudan, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Swaziland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tasmania, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad-Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Victoria, Vietnam, Western Australia, Windward Is., Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe

Introduced into:

Alabama, Ascension, Hawaii, Korea, St.Helena, Tibet

Podocarpus L'Hér. ex Pers. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Scheepers, J.C. [1240], South Africa 32054.000

First published in Syn. Pl. 2: 580 (1807)

Accepted by

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Flora of West Tropical Africa

  • —F.T.A. 6, 2: 339.

Flora Zambesiaca

  • Syn. 2: 580 (1807) nom. conserv.

Flora of Tropical East Africa

  • Syn. 2 : 580 (1807)

Flora Zambesiaca
Flora Zambesiaca

Flora of Tropical East Africa
Flora of Tropical East Africa

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