1. Family: Fabaceae Lindl.
    1. Genus: Camoensia Welw. ex Benth.
      1. Camoensia brevicalyx Benth.

        A member of the pea and bean family (Leguminosae), Camoensia brevicalyx is a woody climber from the wet forests of tropical Africa. 


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    General Description
    The pink-flowered liane Camoensia brevicalyx is widely distributed in Africa, but is infrequently collected and poorly-known scientifically.

    A member of the pea and bean family (Leguminosae), Camoensia brevicalyx is a woody climber from the wet forests of tropical Africa. 

    Species Profile
    Geography and distribution

    Camoensia brevicalyx is native to tropical Africa and has been recorded in Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


    A liane (woody climber, supported by other vegetation) growing up to 30 m high, with a stout stem up to 3 cm in diameter and compound leaves. The flowers are pinkish.

    Threats and conservation

    Camoensia brevicalyx is not considered to be threatened or in decline. It has a fairly widespread distribution and is known to occur within a number of protected areas.

    Future fieldwork is needed to collect seeds for storage in a seed bank as a method of ex situ conservation, although collecting a large quantity of seeds from this liane may prove difficult in the field.

    Conservation assessments carried out by Kew

    Camoensia brevicalyx is being monitored as part of the 'Sampled Red List' Index project, which aims to produce conservation assessments for a representative sample of the world’s plant species. This information will then be used to monitor trends in extinction risk and help focus conservation efforts where they are needed most.


    No uses are known, although it has been reported that alkaloids are present in abundance (over 1% concentration) in the roots, and in the seeds, along with some saponin and traces of steroids and terpenes.

    This species at Kew

    Dried and spirit-preserved specimens of Camoensia brevicalyx are held in the Herbarium at Kew, where they are available by appointment to researchers from around the world. The details, including images, of some of these specimens can be seen online in the Herbarium Catalogue.

    Angola, Cameroon, Gabon
    Around lakes and lagoons, by streams and in swampy forest.
    Least Concern (LC) according to IUCN Red List criteria.

    None known.


    Papilionaceae, Hutchinson and Dalziel. Flora of West Tropical Africa 1:2. 1958

    A woody forest climber, at least 60 ft. high
    Petals white or mauve with a yellow mark in the centre of the standard.



    Found In:

    Angola, Cabinda, Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Zaïre

    Camoensia brevicalyx Benth. appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Identified Reference Herbarium Specimen Type Status
    Oct 1, 2008 Mackinder, B. [455], Cameroon K000580042
    Jan 1, 1979 Olorunfeui [85], Nigeria K000387432
    Jan 1, 1974 Letouzey, R. [12559], Cameroon K000387418
    McKey, D.B. [208], Cameroon K000387419
    Thomas, D.W. [236], Cameroon K000387420
    Klaine, R.P. [66], Gabon K000387421
    Champluvier, D. [5205], Congo, DRC K000387422
    Jans [192], Congo, DRC K000387423
    Eurarti, C. [3814], Congo, DRC K000387424
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    Lebrun, J.P. [6775], Congo, DRC K000387426
    Leonard, J.J.G. [585], Congo, DRC K000387427
    Louis, J. [2053], Congo, DRC K000387428
    Thonet, J. [130], Congo, DRC K000387429
    Gossweiler, J. [769], Angola K000387430
    s.coll. [s.n.], Angola K000387431
    Keay, R.W.J. [s.n.], Nigeria K000387433
    McKey, D. [208], Cameroon 39100.000
    Mann, G. [s.n.], Guinea K000555128 Unknown type material
    Mann, G., Guinea K000555129 Unknown type material
    Keay, R.W.J., Nigeria 13195.000

    First published in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 25: 302 (1865)

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