1. Family: Myrtaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Eugenia P.Micheli ex L.
      1. Eugenia buxifolia Lam.

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Réunion.



    Native to:


    Eugenia buxifolia Lam. appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Wright [s.n.], Jamaica K001002075
    Coode, M.J.E. [5149], Reunion K001001315
    Coode, M.J.E. [5205], Reunion K001001316
    Coode, M.J.E. [4539], Reunion K001001317
    Coode, M.J.E. [4907], Reunion K001001332
    Coode, M.J.E. [4907], Reunion K001001333
    Coode, M.J.E. [4537], Reunion K001001334
    Lorence, D. [2434], Reunion K001001309
    Lorence, D. [2465], Reunion K001001312
    Friedmann, F. [997], Reunion K001001306
    Friedmann, F. [3074], Reunion K001001307
    Friedmann, F. [2582], Reunion K001001310
    Friedmann, F. [1876], Reunion K001001313
    Friedmann, F. [3085], Reunion K001001314
    Eggers [4040], Bahamas K001002053
    Eggers [4083], Bahamas K001002054
    Eggers [4243], Bahamas K001002055
    Eggers [2713], Dominican Republic K001002089
    Eggers [2324], Dominican Republic K001002090
    Eggers [2521], Dominican Republic K001002091
    Eggers [2585], Dominican Republic K001002092
    Eggers [2372], Dominican Republic K001002095
    Smith, H.H. [s.n.], St. Vincent & the Grenadines K001002100
    Wright, C. [2441], Cuba K001002069
    Linden [2163], Cuba K001002066
    Linden [2163], Cuba K001002068
    Linden [1992], Cuba K001002070
    Shafer, J.A. [10615], Cuba K001002067
    Hall, N. [s.n.], USA K001001703
    Ekman, E.L. [7410], Cuba K001002062
    Ekman, E.L. [2039], Cuba K001002063
    Ekman, E.L. [8895], Haiti K001002084
    Ekman, E.L. [6433], Haiti K001002085
    Harris, W. [10017], Jamaica K001002076
    Harris, W. [10181], Jamaica K001002077
    Harris, W. [5063], Jamaica K001002080
    Harris, W. [5065], Jamaica K001002081
    Harris, W. [9018], Jamaica K001002082
    Britton, N.L. [743], Bahamas K001002044
    Britton, N.L. [318], Bahamas K001002045
    Britton, N.L. [743], Bahamas K001002048
    Wilson, P. [7346], Bahamas K001002046
    Wilson, P. [7166], Bahamas K001002047
    Wilson, P. [8297], Bahamas K001002049
    Wilson, P. [7448], Bahamas K001002050
    Wilson, P. [7402], Bahamas K001002051
    Wilson, P. [7711], Turks and Caicos Is. K001002052
    Wilson, P. [7310], Bahamas K001002059
    Wilson, P. [7993], Bahamas K001002060
    Kitching, L. [s.n.], USA K001001700
    Rugel [228], USA K001001704
    Killip, E.P. [40862], USA K001001709
    Urban [319], Haiti K001002086
    Curtiss, A.H. [985], USA K001001702
    Curtiss, A.H. [5464], USA K001001705
    Curtiss, A.H. [104], Bahamas K001002057
    Curtiss, A.H. [206], Bahamas K001002058
    Hooker, W.J. [s.n.], Jamaica K001002074
    De L'Isle, M.G. [127], Reunion K001001335
    Capuron, R. [20248-5F], Reunion K001001311
    March [1684], Jamaica K001002078
    March [1683], Jamaica K001002079
    Jack, J.G. [5451], Cuba K001002064
    Jack, J.G. [5074], Cuba K001002065
    Nash, G.V. [167], Bahamas K001002061
    Leonard, E.C. [11135], Haiti K001002087
    Leonard, E.C. [13460], Haiti K001002088
    Small, J.K. [s.n.], USA K001001708
    Small, J.K. [8628], Bahamas K001002043
    s.coll [s.n.], India K001000013
    s.coll [s.n.] K001002042
    s.coll [s.n.], Cuba K001002072
    s.coll [378], Bahamas K001002094
    s.coll [s.n.], St. Vincent & the Grenadines K001002099
    Simpson, J.H. [371], USA K001001706
    Simpson, J.H. [473], USA K001001707
    Cadet, Th. [4941], Reunion K001001318
    Cadet, Th. [4113], Reunion K001001320
    Cadet, Th. [5130], Reunion K001001321
    Cadet, Th. [5029], Reunion K001001322
    Cadet, Th. [4198], Reunion K001001323
    Cadet, Th. [896], Reunion K001001324
    Cadet, Th. [4198], Reunion K001001325
    Cadet, Th. [4178], Reunion K001001326
    Cadet, Th. [3802], Reunion K001001327
    Cadet, Th. [3357], Reunion K001001328
    Cadet, Th. [4112], Reunion K001001336
    Cadet, Th. [4557], Reunion K001001337
    Cadet, Th. [3966], Reunion K001001338
    Cadet, Th. [4052], Reunion K001001339
    Cadet, Th. [3688], Reunion K001001340
    Cadet, Th. [4569], Reunion K001001341
    Bosser.J. [21.088], Reunion K001001305
    Boxser, J. [21083], Reunion K001001308
    Boher, Y. [21083], Reunion K001001319
    de Cordernoy, J. [59], Reunion K001001329
    de Cordernoy, J. [60], Reunion K001001330
    Balfour, I.B.Dr. [s.n.], Reunion K001001331
    Blodgett [s.n.], USA K001001701
    Roace, N. [415], Bahamas K001002056
    Trauqueoitle [299], Cuba K001002071
    McLordgen [s.n.], Jamaica K001002073
    Landgen, M. [s.n.], Jamaica K001002083
    Vahl, C. [120], Dominican Republic K001002093
    Fuertes, M. Padre [604], Dominican Republic K001002096
    Fuertes, M. Padre [1398], Dominican Republic K001002097
    s.coll. [Cat. no. 7201] Jossinia buxifolia K001126895

    First published in Encycl. 3: 204 (1789)

    Accepted by

    • Govaerts, R., Sobral, N., Ashton, P., Barrie, F., Holst, B.K., Landrum, L.L., Matsumoto, K., Fernanda Mazine, F., Nic Lughadha, E., Proença, C. & al. (2008). World Checklist of Myrtaceae: 1-455. Kew Publishing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
    • Govaerts, R. (2003). World Checklist of Selected Plant Families Database in ACCESS: 1-216203. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


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