1. Family: Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link
    1. Genus: Jasminum L.
      1. Jasminum stenolobum Rolfe

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Kenya to KwaZulu-Natal.


    Oleaceae, F. K. Kupicha. Flora Zambesiaca 7:1. 1983

    Suffrutex or low shrub 0·5–1·5 m. tall, rhizomatous, with much–branched sprawling stems.
    Young shoots, petioles and inflorescences crispate–pilose with white or yellowish silvery hairs, bark of older twigs grey or brownish, smooth.
    Petioles 5–13 mm. long, articulated in the middle or towards the base.
    Leaf lamina
    Leaves pilose, not darkening on drying; lamina 0·9–6 x 0·6–2 cm., very variable in shape, elliptic–ovate, elliptic–oblong or narrowly lanceolate to suborbicular, the apex tapering, rounded or occasionally emarginate, with minute thickened point, the base acute or obtuse.
    Leaf veins
    Venation visible on both surfaces, main nerves raised below; lateral nerves several, the basal ones joining with others before reaching leaf apex.
    Acarodomatia absent.
    Flowers terminal on short branches/solitary or in 3 (5)–flowered, cymes, sweetly scented; pedicels 3–10 mm. long.
    Calyx crispate–pilose; tube 2–3 mm. long; lobes 7–15, 2·5–9 mm. long, filiform.
    Corolla pure white; tube 16–33 mm. long; lobes 9–13, 12–22 mm. long, oblong or narrowly elliptic, the apex cuspidate or shortly acuminate.
    Stamens inserted near top of corolla tube; filaments short; anthers 2–5–4–5 mm. long, reaching to within 1/2–2/5 anther lengths of base of corolla lobes.
    Style either exserted from or 1/5–2/5 as long as corolla tube, with bifid stigma of variable form.
    Fruits 1–2–lobed, lobes 1–1–5 cm. long when dry, ellipsoid.

    Oleaceae, W. B. Turrill. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 1952

    A climbing or scrambling (doubtfully sometimes more or less erect) shrub, 2.1–6 m. tall; the young branches, the inflorescence parts, the calyces, and the young leaves densely and softly pubescent, later the branches are glabrescent and even quite glabrous, the leaves too probably become less pubescent with increasing age.
    Leaves opposite, with simple blades, ovate or oblong-ovate, acute to rounded at apex, rounded or very shortly cuneate at base, at anthesis mostly 1.5–3 cm. long and 1–2 cm. broad but older leaves up to 7 cm. long and 4.2 cm. broad occur, midrib slightly impressed on upper with the main veins prominent on lower surface; petiole 3–10 mm. long, articulated near the base.
    Inflorescences terminal to the main and to short lateral branches, generally subcompact, with 1–16 flowers.
    Calyx-teeth setaceous, 6–7 mm. long; calyx-tube 2–3 mm. long.
    Corolla white, sweetly scented; tube 2–2.5 cm. long.
    Deciduous bushland; 510–900 m.
    T5 T6 T8



    Native to:

    Botswana, Kenya, KwaZulu-Natal, Malawi, Mozambique, Northern Provinces, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

    Common Names

    Shrub jasmine

    Jasminum stenolobum Rolfe appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Jan 1, 1977 Schlieben, H.J. [3039], Tanzania K000233135
    Jan 1, 1977 Hildebrandt, J.M. [1941], Kenya K000233136 Unknown type material
    Kirk, J. [s.n.], Zambia K000233122
    Buchanan [225], Malawi K000233123
    Oates, F. [s.n.], Zimbabwe K000233124 holotype

    First published in K.Oates, Matabele Land, ed. 2: 403 (1889)

    Accepted by

    • Green, P. & Miller, D. (2009). The genus Jasminum in cultivation: 1-150. Kew Publishing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
    • Green, P.S. (2006). World Checklist of Oleaceae Manuscript Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


    Flora of Tropical East Africa
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    • Baker in Flora of Tropical Africa 4: 4 (1902).
    • Rolfe in Oates, Matabeleland, ed. 2: 403 (1889).


    Flora Zambesiaca
    Flora Zambesiaca

    Flora of Tropical East Africa
    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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