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  1. Family: Fabaceae Lindl.
    1. Genus: Vachellia Wight & Arn.
      1. Vachellia erioloba (E.Mey.) P.J.H.Hurter

        This species is accepted, and its native range is S. Tropical & S. Africa.


    Leguminosae, J.P.M. Brenan. Flora Zambesiaca 3:1. 1970

    Tree (4·5)6-16(22) m. high, often rather large, rounded or flat-topped with a spread up to 18 m., bark deeply furrowed, grey-black to blackish-brown; young branchlets glabrous to rather densely spreading-pubescent, eglandular.
    Stipules spinescent, up to 5(8·5) cm. long, often rather stout, often thickened below and fused together at the base into an enlarged “ant-gall” up to c. 1·5-2 x 2-2·5 cm., furrowed or not down the middle; other prickles absent.
    Leaves with a small sessile gland at the junction of each of the (1)2-5 pairs of pinnae; no petiolar gland; leaflets (6)8-15 pairs, 4·5-13 x 1·5-4·5 mm., glabrous to pubescent especially on the margins, entire, eglandular, rounded to subacute but not spinulose-mucronate at the apex; lateral nerves ± prominent and visible beneath.
    Flowers bright golden-yellow, in axillary often long-pedunculate heads 8-12 mm. in diam. scattered along shoots usually of the previous season, rarely of the current one; involucel strictly apical.
    Calyx 2·5 mm. long, glabrous.
    Corolla 3-3·5 mm. long, glabrous or nearly so.
    Pods indehiscent, (4)6-11 x 2·5-4·7 cm., straight to falcate, very densely grey-velutinous all over.
    Seeds deep-chestnut-brown, 8-13 x 7-10 mm., irregular in size and shape, sometimes scarcely compressed; areole variable in size, 3-6·5 x 2-4 mm.

    International Legume Database and Information Service

    Not Threatened
    Africa: Zambezian woodland, Karroo-Namib bushland and thicket., Kalahari-Highveld regional transition zone; wooded grassland.
    Perennial, Not climbing, Shrub/Tree



    Native to:

    Angola, Botswana, Cape Provinces, Caprivi Strip, Free State, Namibia, Northern Provinces, Zambia, Zimbabwe


    Common Names

    Camel thorn, Giraffe thorn, Mimosa, Thorn tree

    Other Data

    Vachellia erioloba (E.Mey.) P.J.H.Hurter appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Jan 1, 1965 Richards, H.M. [14716], Botswana Acacia giraffae K000489597
    Jan 1, 1965 Pole-Evans, I.B. [2483], Botswana Acacia giraffae K000489596
    Jan 1, 1965 Baines, T. [s.n.], Botswana Acacia giraffae K000489600
    Swynnerton, C.F.M. [4039], Botswana Acacia giraffae K000489599
    Mavi, S. [1164], Botswana Acacia giraffae K000489595
    Yalala, A.M. [136], Botswana Acacia giraffae K000489594
    Feb 4, 1974 Acocks, J.P.H. [13190], South Africa Acacia erioloba K000244431
    Feb 4, 1974 Morris, J. W. [1042], South Africa Acacia erioloba K000244430 neotype
    Gossweiler, J. [11032], Angola Acacia erioloba K001276650
    unknown [2300], Botswana Acacia erioloba K000244427
    Burchell [1952], South Africa Acacia erioloba K000244426 Unknown type material
    Burchell [1952], South Africa Acacia erioloba K000244429 Unknown type material
    Burchell [s 254x], Botswana Acacia erioloba K000244425
    Burchell [2402-3], Botswana Acacia erioloba K000244428
    Long, D.G. [104], Botswana Acacia erioloba K000489598
    Hansen, O.J. [3176], Botswana Acacia erioloba K000489601
    Cook, F.E.M. [90], Botswana Acacia erioloba K000489593


    First published in D.J.Mabberley, Plant-book, ed. 3: 1021 (2008)


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    Flora Zambesiaca
    Flora Zambesiaca

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