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  1. Family: Asphodelaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Aloe L.
      1. Aloe ghibensis Sebsebe & Friis

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Ethiopia.


    Demissew, S., Friis, I., Awas, T. et al. Kew Bull (2011) 66: 111.

    Typus: Ethiopia, Cultivated in Addis Ababa, 8°9'N, 38°47'E, 2350 m, fl. 8 April 2009; original plant collected from KF, Ghibe Gorge, 160 km from Jima towards Addis Ababa; 8°10.659'N, 37°34.495'E; 1605 m; fl. bud 10 Feb. 2009, Sebsebe D., I. Friis & Nigist A. 6764 (holotypusETH!;isotypus K!).
    Caulescent with scandent stems to 1 m long and 5 – 7 cm wide; rosette leaves rosulate, 35 – 50 × 7 – 10 cm; leaf surface dull green with smooth surface; marginal teeth 3 mm long, white with brown tips, 7 – 10 mm apart or 6 – 8 per 10 cm length; exudate drying yellow
    Inflorescence 45 – 55 cm long, 7 or 8 branched; raceme cylindrical, 10 – 22 cm long, lax, with 1 or 2 flowers per cm length
    Flowers subsecund on the raceme
    Bracts ovate-acuminate at the apex, 3 – 4 × c. 2.5 mm
    Pedicel 5 – 6 mm long (elongating to 10 mm in fruit)
    Perianth scarlet, (yellow-flowered according to Ash 1757) 28 – 30 mm long, base truncate, c. 6 mm in diam.; outer tepals free for a length of 6 – 8 mm
    Young capsules 17 – 20 × c. 7 mm.
    Known from the Ghibe Gorge in Kefa floristic region, Oromia Regional State. Map 1.
    In Combretum-Terminalia woodland on edge of cliffs on volcanic outcrops. Associated plants include Combretum collinum, Acacia polyacantha subsp. campylacantha and Ficussycomorus; 1365 – 1700 m.
    Critically Endangered (CR), based on EOO (8.5 km2); Endangered (EN), based on AOO (12 km2 based on 2 × 2 grid cell). Suitable habitats are not likely to occur outside the relatively narrow gorge.
    Flowering November; March – April.
    The species resembles Aloe schelpei Reynolds from part of the Blue Nile River system, in a gorge near Debre Libanos, north of Addis Ababa on the way to Gojam in N. Shewa in Oromia Regional State due to its scandent stems. However, it differs from A. schelpei by the inflorescence possessing 7 or 8 racemes (not single, 2 or 3 racemes); flowers secund (not with flowers arranged to all sides), lax with 1 or 2 flowers per cm length (not denser with 6 – 8 flowers per cm length); bracts 3 – 4 mm long (not 6 – 8 mm long) and flower pedicel 5 – 6 mm long (not 10 – 17 mm long). The species epithet of Aloe ghibensis refers to the “Ghibe Gorge” from where the type specimen was collected and the only known locality of the species.


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    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Ash, J. [1757], Ethiopia K000204820
    Ash, J. [1757], Ethiopia K000204819


    First published in Kew Bull. 66: 113 (2011)

    Accepted by

    • Govaerts, R. (2019). World Checklist of Vascular Plants (WCVP Database) The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


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