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  1. Family: Solanaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Solanum L.
      1. Solanum sessile Ruiz & Pav.

        This species is accepted, and its native range is S. Tropical America.


    Bernal, R., Gradstein, S.R. & Celis, M. (eds.). 2015. Catálogo de plantas y líquenes de Colombia. Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

    Nativa en Colombia; Alt. 100 - 2950 m.; Amazonia, Andes.
    Arbusto, árbol
    No Evaluada



    Native to:

    Bolivia, Brazil North, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

    Introduced into:



    Other Data

    Solanum sessile Ruiz & Pav. appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Jan 1, 2010 Flores, ? [2214], Peru K000568316
    Jan 1, 1986 Krukoff, B.A. [4511], Brazil K001058672
    Jan 1, 1986 Glaziou [9999], Brazil K001058673
    Dec 1, 1985 Spruce, R. [4250], Peru K000201814 isotype
    Dec 1, 1985 Spruce, R. [4250], Peru K000201815 Unknown type material
    Dec 1, 1985 Spruce, R. [4250], Peru K000201816 Unknown type material
    Oct 3, 1985 Ule, E. [9760], Brazil K001058674
    Jul 4, 1905 Vásquez, R. [30509], Peru K000788390
    Jul 4, 1905 Valenzuela, L. [3441], Peru K000788392
    Jun 28, 1905 Wood, J.R.I. [14291a], Bolivia K000441008
    Wood, J.R.I. [11706], Bolivia K001165760
    Wood, J.R.I. [11706], Bolivia K001165761
    Wood, J.R.I. [11717], Bolivia K001165763
    Plowman, T. [5931], Peru 44894.000
    Mathews [842], Peru K001165703
    Mathews [842], Peru K001165704
    Mathews [1512] K001165709
    Nee, M. [36153], Bolivia K001165764
    Krukoff, B.A. [5357], Brazil K001058675
    Krukoff, B.A. [5797], Brazil K001058676
    Daza, A. [16332], Peru K001165717
    Klug, G. [1858], Colombia K001165705
    Klug, G. [3491], Peru K001165710
    Klug, G. [2659], Peru K001165711
    Klug, G. [2883], Peru K001165753
    Knapp, S. [6841], Venezuela K001165712
    Knapp, S. [6839], Venezuela K001165713
    Knapp, S. [8551], Peru K001165721
    Knapp, S. [6316], Peru K001165723
    Knapp, S. [6378], Peru K001165724
    Knapp, S. [6514], Peru K001165725
    Knapp, S. [6442], Peru K001165726
    Knapp, S. [6372], Peru K001165727
    Knapp, S. [6545], Peru K001165728
    Knapp, S. [6483], Peru K001165729
    Knapp, S. [6520], Peru K001165730
    Knapp, S. [6605], Peru K001165731
    Knapp, S. [6207], Ecuador K001165742
    Knapp, S. [6241], Ecuador K001165743
    Knapp, S. [6569], Peru K001165745
    Knapp, S. [6430], Peru K001165746
    Knapp, S. [6497], Peru K001165747
    Knapp, S. [6421], Peru K001165748
    Knapp, S. [6625], Peru K001165750
    Knapp, S. [6487], Peru K001165754
    Knapp, S. [6391], Peru K001165755
    Knapp, S. [6341], Peru K001165756
    Knapp, S. [6539], Peru K001165757
    Knapp, S. [6563], Peru K001165758
    Plowman, T.C. [2088], Colombia K001165706
    Plowman, T.C. [2270], Colombia K001165707
    Plowman, T.C. [4763], Peru K001165752
    Graham, G.J. [393], Peru K001165719
    Graham, G.J. [169], Peru K001165720
    Korning, J. [58696], Ecuador K001165739
    Neill, D.A. [7245], Ecuador K001165741
    Foster, R.B. [12070], Peru K001165722
    Brandbyge, J. [30038], Ecuador K001165740
    Holm-Nielsen, L.B. [21888], Ecuador K001165744
    Wurdack, J.J. [2126], Peru K001165708
    Wurdack, J.J. [2016], Peru K001165751
    s.coll [s.n.] K001165702
    Sandeman, C.A.W. [4369], Peru K001165762
    Mexia, Y.E.J. [6338], Peru K001165749
    Lugo S, H. [3135], Ecuador K001165714
    Lugo S, H. [2094], Ecuador K001165715
    Lugo S, H. [4339], Ecuador K001165716
    Lugo S, H. [2194], Ecuador K001165732
    Lugo S, H. [2317], Ecuador K001165733
    Lugo S, H. [2493], Ecuador K001165734
    Lugo S, H. [2134], Ecuador K001165735
    Lugo S, H. [2802], Ecuador K001165736
    Lugo S, H. [402], Ecuador K001165737
    Lugo S, H. [2533], Ecuador K001165738
    Flores [2214], Peru K000658316
    Herb. Billiet, F. [6179], Bolivia K001165759
    Ríos, J. [s.n.] K001165718
    Herb. Ferreira, A.M. [425] K001165765


    First published in Fl. Peruv. 2: 35 (1799)

    Accepted by

    • PBI Solanum Project (2014-continuously updated). Solanaceae Source: a global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family


    Catálogo de Plantas y Líquenes de Colombia

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