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  1. Family: Solanaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Solanum L.
      1. Solanum stipitatostellatum Dammer

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Kenya to Tanzania.


    Solanaceae, Jennifer M Edmonds. Oliganthes, Melongena & Monodolichopus, Maria S. Vorontsova & Sandra Knapp. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2012

    Type: Tanzania, Lushoto District, Usambara, Kwa Mshuza, Holst 9121 (GOET!, lecto., designated by Vorontsova & Knapp in Taxon 59: 1599, 2010; K!, isolecto.)
    Climbing subshrub, 1–3 m, armed or unarmed; young stems densely stellatepubescent, trichomes porrect, translucent to orange-brown or brown, stalked, stalks 0.1–0.4 mm, rays 7–8, 0.1–0.3 mm, midpoints shorter than rays or up to 0.7 mm; prickles curved downwards or straight, 1–2 mm long, 0.4–0.8 mm wide at base, inconspicuous
    Leaf blades drying somewhat discolorous, red-green or red-yellowgreen, ovate, 6–13 × 3–7 cm, ± 2 times longer than wide, base truncate to cuneate, often unequal or oblique, margin entire to obscurely lobed, the lobes up to 3 on each side, up to 5 mm long, broadly rounded, apically rounded to obtuse and extending up to 1/4 of the distance to the midvein; apex obtuse to acute; densely stellate-pubescent abaxially, trichomes on abaxial surface porrect, stalked, stalks 0.1–0.3(–0.4) mm, rays ± 8, 0.15–0.3 mm, midpoints variable (–0.4 mm), adaxially glabrescent, rays reduced, midpoints reduced(0.8 mm); primary veins 4–5 pairs; petiole 0.5–2 cm, 1/5–1/6 of the leaf length
    Inflorescences not branched or branched once, 3.5–7 cm long, with 3–10 flowers; peduncle (2–)6–30 mm long; rachis 0–3 cm long; peduncle and rachis unarmed or with 1 prickle; pedicels 0.8–1 cm long, in fruit 1.5–2.2 cm long, usually unarmed
    Flowers heterostylous, 5-merous, the basal 2–5 long-styled
    Calyx 4–6 mm long, lobes deltate, 2–3 mm long, acute to acuminate, unarmed
    Corolla mauve to purple, 1.8–3 cm in diameter, lobed for ± 2/3 of its length, lobes broadly deltate, 8–12 × 3–6 mm
    Stamens equal; anthers 6–8 mm
    Ovary with sparse simple hairs; style 10–15 mm long on long-styled flowers
    Berries 2–5 per infructescence, striped when young, red at maturity, usually elongate when young, 10–13 mm in diameter
    Seeds 2–2.7 × 1.7–2.2 mm
    Forest understorey, open forest, forest edges or disturbed ground, 300–2000 m
    Solanum stipitatostellatum includes variable montane populations distinguished by their almost entire reddish leaves on fertile branches, large inflorescences, prickles small or absent, and trichomes with stalks 0.1–0.4 mm long. The fruit is markedly elongate during development and becomes spherical at maturity. The corolla size ranges between 1.8 and 3 cm in diameter; the majority of specimens have a pedunculate inflorescence with 4–10 flowers.  Care must be taken with identification of this species. Most S. stipitatostellatum herbarium material is currently held under S. kitivuense, S. englerianum and S. glochidiatum. Specimens annotated as “sp. near stipitatostellatum” are often attributable to the smaller-leaved savanna species S. taitense. S. stipitatostellatum has some distribution overlap with S. taitense and both taxa have stalked trichomes, but S. stipitatostellatum has mature leaves 6–13 × 3–7 cm, and > 3 (up to 10) flowers per inflorescence, while S. taitense has smaller leaves and fewer flowers per inflorescence. Solanum stipitatostellatum is a larger plant than S. zanzibarense, with larger flowers and long-stalked trichomes, and occurs at higher altitudes than the coastal S. zanzibarense.
    Range: Not known elsewhere Flora districts: K7 T3 T6



    Native to:

    Kenya, Tanzania


    Other Data

    Solanum stipitatostellatum Dammer appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Aug 1, 2011 Holst, C. [8834], Tanzania K000441576 isolectotype
    Aug 1, 2010 Zimmermann, A.W.P. [s.n.], Tanzania K000441573
    Aug 1, 2010 Zimmermann, A.W.P. [s.n.], Tanzania K000441577
    Apr 1, 2010 Polhill, R.M. [4955], Tanzania K000441605
    Apr 1, 2010 Zimmermann, A.W.P. [7246], Tanzania K000441571
    Jul 2, 1905 Drummond, R.B. [3366], Tanzania K000441575
    Jul 2, 1905 Mhoro, B. [UMBCP414], Tanzania K000441615
    Jul 2, 1905 Mhoro, B. [UMBCP62], Tanzania K000441617
    Jun 30, 1905 Greenway, P.J. [4885], Tanzania K000441584
    Jun 30, 1905 Greenway, P.J. [4746], Tanzania K000441587
    Jun 30, 1905 Faulkner, H.G. [4144], Tanzania K000441579
    Jun 30, 1905 Archbold, M.E. [198], Tanzania K000441582
    Jun 30, 1905 Bidgood, S. [464], Tanzania K000441585
    Jun 30, 1905 Holst, C. [2236], Tanzania K000441574
    Jun 30, 1905 Soleman, R. [7250], Tanzania K000441572
    Jun 30, 1905 Zimmermann, A.W.P. [s.n.], Tanzania K000441578
    Jun 30, 1905 Chilongola, ? [130], Tanzania K000441580
    Jun 30, 1905 Shabani, S.F. [638], Tanzania K000441583
    Jun 30, 1905 Doncarlos, ? [7247], Tanzania K000441586
    Holst, C. [9121], Tanzania K000413971


    First published in Abh. Königl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin 1894: 63 (1894)

    Accepted by

    • PBI Solanum Project (2014-continuously updated). Solanaceae Source: a global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family


    Flora of Tropical East Africa

    • T.T.C.L.: 580 (1949).
    • F.T.A. 4, 2: 227 (1906);
    • Abh. Königl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin 1894: 63 (1894);


    Flora of Tropical East Africa
    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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