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  1. Family: Solanaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Solanum L.
      1. Solanum zanzibarense Vatke

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Kenya to KwaZulu-Natal.


    Flora Zambesiaca. Vol. 8, Part 4. Solanaceae. Gonçalves AE. 2005

    Type from Tanzania.

    Solanaceae, Jennifer M Edmonds. Oliganthes, Melongena & Monodolichopus, Maria S. Vorontsova & Sandra Knapp. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2012

    Type: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kidoti, Hildebrandt 988 (BM!, lecto., designated here [best material]; K!, W, isolecto.)
    Prostrate or climbing subshrub to 4 m, armed; young stems stellate-pubescent, trichomes porrect, translucent to orange-brown, sessile or stalked, stalks up to 0.1 mm, rays 7–8, 0.1–0.15 mm, midpoints short or reduced to glands; prickles straight or curved, 2–4 mm long, 0.8–2 mm wide at base, round or flattened
    Leaf blades drying usually concolorous, yellow-green to red-green, ovate to lanceolate, 3–14 × 1.5–7.5 cm, 2.5–3 times longer than wide, base cuneate, often unequal or oblique, margin lobed, sometimes entire, lobes 2–3 on each side, up to 15 mm long, rounded to deltate (obovate), apically rounded to obtuse, extending up to 1/2(–2/3) of the distance to the midvein; apex acute to obtuse; stellate-pubescent to glabrescent on both sides, trichomes on abaxial surface porrect, stalked, stalks to 0.1 mm, rays (4–)6–8, 0.1–0.2 mm, midpoints short or reduced to glands, adaxially glabrescent, rays reduced to (2–)4–8, often less than 0.1 mm long, sometimes rays almost invisible with only brown globular glands seen; primary veins 4–6 pairs; petiole 0.5–4 cm, 1/3–1/6 of the leaf length
    Inflorescences not branched, 2–5 cm long, with 2–10 flowers; peduncle 0–5 mm long; rachis 0–2.5 cm long; peduncle and rachis usually unarmed; pedicels 0.3–0.7 cm long, in fruit 1.2–1.8 cm long, usually unarmed
    Flowers perfect, 4–5-merous
    Calyx 2–4 mm long, lobes deltate, 0.5–1.5 mm long, acute to acuminate, usually unarmed. Corolla white to mauve, 1.5–2 cm in diameter, lobed for ± 4/5 of its length, lobes narrowly ovate to narrowly deltate or oblong, 6–8(–12) × 1.5–2 mm
    Stamens equal; anthers 4–6.5 mm
    Ovary glabrous or with minute simple hairs; style 8–12 mm long
    Berries 1–4(–10) per infructescence, red at maturity, spherical, 8–14 mm in diameter
    Seeds 1.8–2.5 × 1.5–2.3 mm
    Fig 22, p 187
    Moist or dry forest, forest edges, rocky outcrops, on sand or sandy loam; 0–700 m
    Solanum zanzibarense can be recognised by its small flowers with long narrow corolla lobes, scrambling or climbing habit, slightly recurved or sometimes straight prickles over 2 mm long, and trichomes with very short stalks and short midpoints. This species includes a wide range of interbreeding populations across coastal East Africa from Kenya to Mozambique, encompassing a variety of leaf shapes and prickle morphologies, stalkedtrichome lobed-leaved populations from Zanzibar ( S. zanzibarense sensu stricto) and glabrescent large-leaved populations from Kenyan and Tanzanian coast (often annotated as S. vagans). None of the distinguishing characters can alone separate all specimens, but the combination of leaf size and shape, trichome stalk length, calyx lobe shape and flower size correlates with geographical distribution. Like many similar climbing spiny Solanum species treated here, S. zanzibarense occurs sporadically over a large geographical area but can be difficult to find outside its flowering season.
    Range: Mozambique Flora districts: K7 T6 T8 Z



    Native to:

    Kenya, KwaZulu-Natal, Mozambique, Tanzania


    Other Data

    Solanum zanzibarense Vatke appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Oct 1, 2010 Barbosa, L.A.G. [21722], Mozambique K000441839
    Oct 1, 2010 Torre, A.R. [15047], Mozambique K000441835
    Oct 1, 2010 Torre, A.R. [6287], Mozambique K000441837
    Oct 1, 2010 Torre, A.R. [5577], Mozambique K000441838
    Apr 1, 2010 Vaughan, J.H. [1760], Tanzania K000441597
    Nov 22, 1931 Hildebrandt, J.M. [988], Tanzania K000413975 Unknown type material
    Jul 2, 1905 Frontier-Tanzania [1398], Tanzania K000441616
    Jun 30, 1905 Greenway, P.J. [2592], Tanzania K000441598
    Jun 30, 1905 Tanner, R.E.S. [3729], Tanzania K000441599
    Jun 30, 1905 Tanner, R.E.S. [1956], Tanzania K000441602
    Jun 30, 1905 Tanner, R.E.S. [1956], Tanzania K000441632
    Jun 30, 1905 Harris, B.J. [1627], Tanzania K000441613
    Jun 30, 1905 Bryce, J.M. [33], Tanzania K000441606
    Jun 30, 1905 Semsei, S.R. [3801], Tanzania K000441603
    Jun 30, 1905 Semsei, S.R. [5714], Tanzania K000441611
    Jun 30, 1905 Bidgood, S. [1360], Tanzania K000441601
    Jun 30, 1905 Bidgood, S. [2010], Tanzania K000441607
    Jun 30, 1905 Mwasumbi, L.B. [10529], Tanzania K000441594
    Jun 30, 1905 Mwasumbi, L.B. [10605], Tanzania K000441612
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    s.coll [EA12245], Kenya K001158342
    s.coll [s.n.] K001158348
    Graham, R.l. [2243], Kenya K001158339
    MacNaughtan, G. [187], Kenya K001158346
    Drummond, R.B. [3897], Kenya Solanum vagans 11198.000


    First published in Linnaea 43: 326 (1882)

    Accepted by

    • PBI Solanum Project (2014-continuously updated). Solanaceae Source: a global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family


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    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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    • Linnaea 43: 326 (1882)


    Flora Zambesiaca
    Flora Zambesiaca

    Flora of Tropical East Africa
    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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