Potamogeton × zizii W.D.J.Koch ex Roth

First published in Enum. Pl. Phaen. Germ. 1(1): 531 (1827), nom. illeg.
This name is a synonym of Potamogeton × angustifolius

POWO follows these authorities in synonymising this name:

  • Bobrov, A.A. & Chemeris, E.V. (2009). Records of new and rare Pondweeds (Potamogeton L., Potamogetonaceae) in the rivers of the north-eastern central Russia (Kostroma and Kirov regions). Novosti Sistematiki Vysshikh Rastenii 41: 291-301. [Cited as Potamogeton × angustifolius.]
  • Kaplan, Z. (2010). Hybridization of Potamogeton species in the Czech Republic: diversity, distribution, temporal trends and habitat preferences. Preslia. Casopsi Ceské Botanické Spolecnosti 82: 261-287. [Cited as Potamogeton × angustifolius.]
  • Stace, C. (2019). New Flora of the British Isles ed. 4: 1-1266. C & M Floristics. [Cited as Potamogeton × angustifolius.]
  • Stace, C.A., Preston, C.D. & Pearman, D.A. (2015). Hybrid flora of the British isles: 1-501. Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. [Cited as Potamogeton × angustifolius.]
  • Wiegleb, G., van de Weyer, K., Bolbrinker, P. & Wolff, P. (2008). Potamogeton-hybriden in Deutschland. Feddes Repertorium 119: 433-448. [Cited as Potamogeton × angustifolius.]

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