Acacia laeta R.Br. ex Benth.

First published in London J. Bot. 1: 508 (1842)
This name is a synonym of Senegalia laeta

POWO follows these authorities in synonymising this name:

  • Ghazanfar, S.A. (2007). Flora of the Sultanate of Oman. volume 2. Crassulaceae - Apiaceae. Scripta Botanica Belgica 36: 1-220. [Cited as Senegalia laeta.]
  • Townsend, C.C. (1974). Flora of Iraq 3: 1-662. Ministry of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform, Baghdad. [Cited as Senegalia laeta.]

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Barry, J. P. & Celles, J.S. (1991). Flore de Mauritanie 1: 1-359. Centre Regional de Documentation Pedagogique, Nice. [Cited as Acacia laeta.]
  • Boudet, G., Lebrun, J.P. & Demange, R. (1986). Catalogue des plantes vasculaires du Mali: 1-465. Etudes d'Elevage et de Médecine Vétérinaire des Pays Tropicaux. [Cited as Acacia laeta.]
  • Boulos, L. (1999). Flora of Egypt 1: 1-419. Al Hadara Publishing, Cairo. [Cited as Acacia laeta.]
  • Govaerts, R. (1995). World Checklist of Seed Plants 1(1, 2): 1-483, 529. MIM, Deurne. [Cited as Acacia laeta.]
  • Peyre de Fabregues, B. & Lebrun, J.-P. (1976). Catalogue des Plantes Vascularies du Niger: 1-433. Institut d' Elevage et de Médecine Vétérinaire des Pays Tropicaux, Maisons Alfort. [Cited as Acacia laeta.]

Flora of West Tropical Africa

  • Aubrév. Fl. For. Soud.-Guin. 271, t. 52, 4.
  • Bak. f. Leg. Trop. Afr. 3: 830
  • Chev. Bot. 246 (“A. lactea”by error)
  • —F.T.A. 2: 341

Flora of Somalia

  • Flora Somalia, Vol 1, (1993) Author: by M. Thulin, A. S. Hassan & B. T. Styles [updated by M. Thulin 2008]

International Legume Database and Information Service

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