Gurania bignoniacea (Poepp. & Endl.) C.Jeffrey

First published in Kew Bull. 33: 354 (1978)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Central & S. Tropical America. It is a climber and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome. It is used as a medicine.


Native to:

Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panamá, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela


Homotypic Synonyms

Heterotypic Synonyms


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

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Kew Backbone Distributions

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Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Jan 1, 2010 Spruce, R. [192] Brazil K001096802 Type Yes
Jan 1, 2010 Sagot, P.A. [1055] French Guiana K001096806 Isotype Yes
Prance, G.T.; Campbell, D.G.; Ongley, J.C.; Ramos, J.F.; Monteiro, O.P. [20469] Brazil K001192124 Yes
Silva, M.N. [365] Brazil K001192147 Yes
Plowman, T.; Rosa, N.A.; Rosário, C.S. [9644] Brazil K001192154 Yes
Lowrie, S.R. [45] Brazil K001192109 Yes
Nascimento, O.C. [412] Brazil K001192152 Yes
Prance, G.T. [P/25057] Brazil K001192116 Yes
Prance, G.T. [25370] Brazil K001192117 Yes
Assunção, P.A.C.L. [159] Brazil K001192101 Yes
Rabelo, B.V. [3143] Brazil K001192148 Yes
Lowe, J. [3959] Brazil K001192097 Yes
Prance, G.T.; Pennington, T.D.; Leppard, M.; Monteiro, O.P.; Ramos, J.F. [23010] Brazil K001192113 Yes
Mathews [2043] Peru K000035640 Type Yes
Prance, G.T.; Coelho, L.F.; Kubitzki, K.; Maas, P.J.M. [11579] Brazil K001192107 Yes
Prance, G.T. [2825] Brazil K001192143 Yes
Pires, J.M.; Silva, N.T. [976] Brazil K001192103 Yes
Sperling, C.R. [6247] Brazil K001192150 Yes
Marcon, A.B. [112] Brazil K001192138 Yes
Travassos, Z.; Sales, M.F.; Tschá, M. [265] Brazil K001192136 Yes
Prance, G.T. [8009] Brazil K001192166 Yes
Prance, G.T. [3715] Brazil K001192126 Yes
Sperling, C.R. [6006] Brazil K001192144 Yes
Hill, S.R. [12804] Brazil K001192159 Yes
Lleras, E. [P/17555] Brazil K001192122 Yes
Tschá, M.C. [411] Brazil K001192133 Yes
Prance, G.T. [6912] Brazil K001192162 Yes
Oliveira, M. [32] Brazil K001192130 Yes
Daly, D.C. [1009] Brazil K001192108 Yes
Glaziou [12020] Brazil K001192099 Yes
Prance, G.T. [11579] Brazil K001192125 Yes
Dick, C. [52] Brazil K001192129 Yes
Matthews [1218] Peru K000035639 Holotype Yes
Matthews [1218] Peru K000035638 Holotype No
Prance, G.T. [6706] Brazil K001192163 Yes
Prance, G.T. [11826] Brazil K001192141 Yes
Kukle, P. [85] Brazil K001192127 Yes
Nee, M. [46206] Brazil K001192115 Yes
Prance, G.T.; Pena, B.S.; Ramos, J.F. [3207] Brazil K001192164 Yes
Sperling, C.R. [5818] Brazil K001192145 Yes
Davidse, G. [18042] Brazil K001192153 Yes
Costa, M.A.S. [806] Brazil K001192146 Yes
Pirani, J.R. [2729] Brazil K001192120 Yes
Strudwick, J.J. [3751] Brazil K001192158 Yes
Sales, M.F. [217] Brazil K001192137 Yes
Paula, J.E. [1813] Brazil K001192098 Yes
Rodrigues, E. [57] Brazil K001192132 Yes
Lucena, M.F.A. [120] Brazil K001192139 Yes
Campbell, D.G. [P/20846] Brazil K001192105 Yes
Sperling, C.R. [5918] Brazil K001192151 Yes
Prance, G.T. [20666] Brazil K001192106 Yes
Prance, G.T. [20997] Brazil K001192121 Yes
Silva, N.T. [2074] Brazil K001192155 Yes
Mori, S. [17661] Brazil K001192149 Yes
Prance, G.T.; Maas, P.J.M.; Atchley, A.A.; Steward, W.C.; Woolcott, D.B.; Coelho, D.F.; Monteiro, O.P.; Pinheiro, W.S.; Ramos, J.F. [14235] Brazil K001192167 Yes
Prance, G.T. [3715] Brazil K001192112 Yes
Kukle, P. [85] Brazil K001192128 Yes
Lindeman, J.C. [6207] Brazil K001192104 Yes
Prance, G.T. [2825] Brazil K001192140 Yes
Paula, J.E. [1813] Brazil K001192096 Yes
Prance, G.T.; P.J.M.Maas; Kubitzki, K.; Steward/ J.F. Ramos, W.C.; Pinheiro, W.S.; Lima, J.F. [11826] Brazil K001192142 Yes
Boom, B. [8506] Brazil K001192110 Yes
Schomburgk [792 (435)] Guyana K000035636 Lectotype Yes
Oliveira, M. [85] Brazil K001192135 Yes
Forero, E. [3942] Brazil K001192111 Yes
Prance, G.T. [3207] Brazil K001192165 Yes
Nee, M. [34862] Brazil K001192157 Yes
Silva, N.T.; Brazão, U. [60871] Brazil K001192119 Yes
Mathews [2043] Peru K000035641 Type Yes
Silva, M.G. [4033] Brazil K001192168 Yes
Lira, S.S. [68] Brazil K001192134 Yes
Daly, D.C. [4296] Brazil K001192156 Yes
Prance, G.T. [23009] Brazil K001192123 Yes
Ferraz, E.M.N. [283] Brazil K001192102 Yes
Prance, G.T. [15364] Brazil K001192114 Yes
Krukoff, B.A. [6054] Brazil K001192161 Yes
Rodrigues, E.; Menezes, E.; Li5ra, S.S.; Costa e Silva, M.B.; Henrique, V.V. [21] Brazil K001192131 Yes
Nee, M. [34937] Brazil K001192160 Yes
Spruce, R. [1769] Brazil K000035635 Type Yes
Prance, G.T. [15364] Brazil K001192118 Yes
Spruce, R. [s.n.] Brazil K001192100 Yes
Jan 1, 2013 Fendler, A. [125] Panama Gurania coccinea K000035642 Holotype No


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