Lonicera simulatrix Pojark.

First published in V.L.Komarov (ed.), Fl. URSS 23: 728 (1958)
This name is a synonym of Lonicera microphylla

POWO follows these authorities in synonymising this name:

  • Sennikov, A.N. (ed.) (2019). Flora of Uzbekistan 3: 1-201. Navro'z Publishers, Toshkent. [Cited as Lonicera microphylla.]

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Abdulina, S.A. (1999). Spisok Sosudistykn Rastenii Kazakhstana: 1-187. Academy of Sciences, Almaty, Kazakhstan. [Cited as Lonicera simulatrix.]
  • Komiljon, T., Natalya, B., Avazbek, B., Dilnoza, A., Ziyoviddin, Y., Deng, T. & Sun, H. (2020). Flora of the Dzhizak Province, Uzbekistan: 1-523. China Forestry Publishing House. [Cited as Lonicera simulatrix.]
  • Lazkov, G.A. & Sultanova, B.A. (2011). Checklist of vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan. Norrlinia 24: 1-166. [Cited as Lonicera simulatrix.]
  • Ovchinnikov, P.N. (ed.) (1988). Flora Tadzhikskoi SSR 9: 1-568. Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, Moskva. [Cited as Lonicera simulatrix.]
  • Vvedensky, A.I. (ed.) (1961). Flora Uzbekistana 5: 1-667. Izd-va Akademii nauk Uzbekskoi SSR, Tashkent. [Cited as Lonicera simulatrix.]

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