Huperzia phlegmaria (L.) Rothm.

First published in Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 54: 62 (1944)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Tropical & Subtropical Old World to Queensland. It is a Epiphyte and grows primarly in the Wet Tropical biome(s).


Native to:

Andaman Is., Assam, Bangladesh, Bismarck Archipelago, Borneo, Cambodia, Cameroon, China South-Central, China Southeast, Christmas I., Comoros, East Himalaya, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Gulf of Guinea Is., Hainan, India, Japan, Laos, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaya, Maluku, Nansei-shoto, Nepal, New Guinea, Nicobar Is., Philippines, Queensland, Réunion, Sierra Leone, Solomon Is., Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam

Extinct in:



Homotypic Synonyms

Heterotypic Synonyms

POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Barthelat, F. (2019). La flore illustrée de Mayotte: 1-687. Biotope éditions.
  • Fraser-Jenkins, C.R. & al. (2017). An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes 1: 1-562. Dehra Dun : BSMPS.
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  • Sarder, N.U. & Hassan, M.A. (eds.) (2018). Vascular flora of Chittagong and the Chittagong Hill Tracts 1: 1-897. Bangladesh National Herbarium, Dhaka.

An alternative taxonomy had been proposed by the following authorities:

  • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World. Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. [Cited as Huperzia phlegmaria.]

Kew Backbone Distributions

  • Ebihara, A. (2016). The standard of ferns and lycophytes in Japan. Nihonsan shida shokubutsu hyojun zukan 1: 1-475. Gakken Plus, Tokyo.
  • Werier, D. (2017). Catalogue of the Vascular plants of New York state. Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Club 27: 1-542.

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Jun 22, 2018 anonymous [27039], Malaysia K000660250 No
Jun 22, 2018 Anderson, J.W. [6], Singapore K000660252 No
Jun 22, 2018 Dr. King's Collector [3023], Malaysia K000672047 No
Jun 22, 2018 Lewis, G.P. [81], Malaysia K000672048 No
Jun 22, 2018 Samat bin Abdullah, A. [5087], Malaysia K000672053 No
Jun 22, 2018 Slayman [3016], Malaysia K000672056 No
Jun 22, 2018 anonymous [5087], Malaysia K000672058 No
Jun 22, 2018 Bidin, D. [PL 105], Malaysia K000660259 No
Jun 22, 2018 Noor, M. [MN. 24], Malaysia K000672054 No
Jun 22, 2018 Yapp, R.H. [178], Malaysia K000672063 No
Jun 22, 2018 anonymous [27039], Malaysia K000660251 No
Jun 22, 2018 Kochummen, K.M. [M.1], Malaysia K000660258 No
Jun 22, 2018 Wray, L. [s.n.], Malaysia K000660253 No
Jun 22, 2018 Wallich, N. [s.n.], Malaysia K000670930 No
Jun 22, 2018 Piggott, A.G. [2350], Malaysia K000660256 No
Jun 22, 2018 Purseglove, J.W. [4166], Malaysia K000660249 No
Jun 22, 2018 Curtis, C. [1363], Malaysia K000660255 No
Jun 22, 2018 Kiah [32091], Malaysia K000672050 No
Jun 22, 2018 Ridley, H.N. [7813], Malaysia K000672049 No
Jun 22, 2018 Burkill, I.H. [3512], Malaysia K000660257 No
Jun 22, 2018 Robinson, H.C. [6325], Malaysia K000672052 No
Jun 22, 2018 Robinson, H.C. [s.n.], Malaysia K000660247 No
Jun 22, 2018 Noor, M. [MN. 24], Malaysia K000672055 No
Jun 22, 2018 Robinson, H.C. [s.n.], Malaysia K000672046 No
Jun 22, 2018 Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Malaysia K000660248 No
Jun 22, 2018 Selvaraj, P. [99689], Malaysia K000672057 No
Jun 22, 2018 Lewis, G.P. [93], Malaysia K000492804 No
Jun 22, 2018 Robinson, H.C. [6325], Malaysia K000672051 No
Oct 16, 2007 Simpson, D.A. [2516], Brunei K000491816 No
Oct 16, 2007 Johns, R.J. [7188], Brunei K000491817 No
Oct 16, 2007 Thomas, S.A. [102], Brunei K000507212 No
Oct 16, 2007 Simpson, D.A. [2516], Brunei K000491815 No
Oct 16, 2007 Johns, R.J. [6917], Brunei K000491814 No
Jul 3, 2007 Robinson, H.C. [6002], Malaysia K000660246 No
Jul 2, 2007 anonymous [s.n.] K000660254 No
Jan 1, 2007 Othman, H. [62153], Malaysia K000446550 No
Jan 1, 2007 Daim Andau [268], Malaysia K000475621 No
Jan 1, 2007 Lugas, L. [1789], Malaysia K000475622 No
Jan 1, 2007 Grimes, J.W. [1653], Indonesia K000491718 No
Jan 1, 2007 Coode, M.J.E. [6040], Indonesia K000446549 No
Jan 1, 2007 McDonald, J.A. [4097], Indonesia K000446551 No
Jan 1, 2007 Kumin [111640], Malaysia K000475623 No
Oct 1, 2006 Kirkup, D.W. [599], Brunei K000451278 No
Oct 1, 2006 Kirkup, D.W. [599], Brunei K000451279 No
Dec 1, 2005 Gregson, J. [23], Malaysia K000227819 No
Dec 1, 2004 Hicks, D. [263], Indonesia K000377450 No
Feb 1, 2002 Laman, T.G. [331], Indonesia K000445565 No
Jan 1, 2001 Keith, H.G. [4965], Malaysia K000721662 No
Jan 1, 2001 Keith, H.G. [9089], Malaysia K000721664 No
Jan 1, 2001 Puasa, M. [3160], Malaysia K000721661 No
Jan 1, 2001 Amin [60339], Malaysia K000721582 No
Jan 1, 2001 Comber, H.F. [4052], Malaysia K000721663 No
Jan 13, 1999 Lai, S.T. [69669], Malaysia K000445566 No
Jan 1, 1994 Church, A.C. [678], Indonesia K000712802 No
Jan 1, 1991 Poulsen, A.D. [148], Brunei K000721577 No
Jun 20, 1988 Aban, G. [48091], Malaysia K000712824 No
Sep 29, 1987 Yii, P.C. [51268], Malaysia K000712825 No
Jul 10, 1987 Powell, D.A. [301], Australia K000712796 No
Jul 10, 1987 Powell, D.A. [221], Australia K000712797 No
Jul 10, 1987 Du Puy, D.J. [108], Australia K000721412 No
Jul 10, 1987 Powell, D.A. [320], Australia K000712795 No
Jan 2, 1987 Dayang Awa [51044], Malaysia K000712826 No
Jan 2, 1987 Dayang Awa [51044], Malaysia K000712827 No
Jan 1, 1985 Beaman, J.H. [10469], Malaysia K000721652 No
Jan 1, 1985 Beaman, J.H. [10019], Malaysia K000721665 No
Jan 1, 1985 Beaman, J.H. [8381], Malaysia K000721580 No
Jan 1, 1985 Beaman, J.H. [7333], Malaysia K000445537 No
Nov 4, 1980 Othman H. [42319], Malaysia K000712829 No
Apr 9, 1975 Sie, P. [35547], Malaysia K000721576 No
Aug 29, 1969 Cuming, H. [2002], Philippines K000398193 No
Sep 1, 1965 Kostermans, A. [21420], Indonesia K000712809 No
Jan 1, 1936 Lütjeharms, W.J. [4757], Indonesia K000721220 No
Jan 1, 1935 Clemens, J. [26404], Malaysia K000721670 No
Jan 1, 1931 Lam, H.J. [3170], Indonesia K000712810 No
Jan 1, 1931 Lam, H.J. [2827], Indonesia K000712811 No
Jan 1, 1927 Iboet [516], Indonesia K000712799 No
Jan 1, 1921 Bünnemeijer, H.A.B. [37], Indonesia K000721417 No
Jan 1, 1920 Bünnemeijer, H.A.B. [9983], Indonesia K000721228 No
Wenzel, C.A. [s.n.], Philippines K000398180 No
Cuming, H. [2005], Philippines K000398194 No
Loher, A. [1139], Philippines K000398203 No
Merrill, E.D. [2313], Philippines K000398204 No
Weber, C.M. [1179], Philippines K000398214 No
Elmer, A.D.E. [9498], Philippines K000398219 No
Barthe [s.n.], Philippines K000398220 No
Gardette, E. [120], Indonesia K000420912 No
Christensen, H. [479], Malaysia K000445564 No
Burley, J.S. [3799], Indonesia K000445581 No
Wong, K.M. [257], Brunei K000445591 No
Clemens, J. [21027], Malaysia K000712830 No
Kloss, C.B. [11447], Indonesia K000721212 No
Matthew, C.G. [2015], Indonesia K000721222 No
Raciborski, M. [s.n.], Indonesia K000712791 No
Buwalda, P. [2991], Indonesia K000721232 No
Bünnemeijer, H.A.B. [2022], Indonesia K000721419 No
Iwatsuki, k. [432], Indonesia K000721422 No
Purseglove, J.W. [4513], Malaysia K000721569 No
Haviland, G.D. [3137], Malaysia K000721570 No
Suali, E. [117468], Malaysia K000721578 No
Amin, G. [94669], Malaysia K000721655 No
Dewol, S. [89583], Malaysia K000721658 No
Dewol, S. [89344], Malaysia K000721660 No
Kadir, A. [607], Malaysia K000721671 No
G. Shea [77157], Malaysia K000721802 No
Darnaedi, D. [2049], Indonesia K000754143 No
Darnaedi, D. [2049], Indonesia K000754144 No
Balgooy, M.M.J. van [3214], Indonesia K000754145 No
Eyma, P.J. [4041], Indonesia K000754146 No
Tamura, M. [617], Malaysia K000721667 No
Vogel, E.F. de [5434], Indonesia K000721799 No
Ampuria, J. [41532], Malaysia K000721806 No
Lideh, J.B. [116887], Malaysia K000721579 No
Anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000721420 No
Bojeng bin Sitam [13805], Malaysia K000712816 No
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Indonesia K000712782 No
Purseglove, J.W. [4826], Malaysia K000712817 No
Kostermans, A.J.G.H. [571], Indonesia K000721415 No
Schiffner, V.F. [s.n.], Indonesia K000721425 No
Abbe, E.C. [9930], Malaysia K000721797 No
Beccari, O. [267], Indonesia K000721211 No
Copeland, E.B. [1144], Philippines K000398211 No
Cuming, H. [2007], Philippines K000398197 No
Kato, M. [3512], Indonesia K000721424 No
Clarke, C.B. [676], Indonesia K000721428 No
Elmer, A.D.E. [15255], Philippines K000398209 No
Wong, K.M. [627], Brunei K000445589 No
Burtt, B.L. [2342], Malaysia K000712818 No
Richards, P.W. [s.n.], Malaysia K000721574 No
Sibat ak Luang [23219], Malaysia K000712815 No
Gibot, A. [78647], Malaysia K000721801 No
Weber, C.M. [1179], Philippines K000398215 No
Wong, K.M. [180], Brunei K000445587 No
Lörzing, J.A. [13395], Indonesia K000721224 No
Brink, B. van den [6610], Indonesia K000721429 No
Cuming, H. [2003], Philippines K000398198 No
Anta [1199], Indonesia K000721418 No
Hose, C. [723], Malaysia K000712822 No
Conklin, H.C. [79637], Philippines K000398202 No
Elmer, A.D.E. [21099], Malaysia K000721659 No
Junghuhn, F.W. [265], Indonesia K000712793 No
Wilde, W.J.J.O. de [19076], Indonesia K000721227 No
Richards, P.W. [s.n.], Malaysia K000721573 No
Bojo, O. [058], Malaysia K000712828 No
Copeland, E.B. [1144], Philippines K000398210 No
Korthals, P.W. [s.n.], Indonesia K000721230 No
Raciborski, M. [13], Indonesia K000712787 No
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Malaysia K000712814 No
Vidal, S. [4057], Philippines K000398195 No
Darnaedi, D. [2029], Indonesia K000721809 No
Frake, C.O. [38197], Philippines K000398213 No
Cockburn, P.F. [85024], Malaysia K000721800 No
Wong, K.M. [2624], Malaysia K000445586 No
Anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000712789 No
Stone, B.C. [85163], Malaysia K000721796 No
Merrill, E.D. [6036], Philippines K000398200 No
Jacobs, M. [7819], Philippines K000398201 No
Tamura, M. [617], Malaysia K000721668 No
Krispinus, F. [118690], Malaysia K000721581 No
Vogel, E.F. de [5130], Indonesia K000721798 No
Brand, D. [24466], Malaysia K000721808 No
Junghuhn, F.W. [263], Indonesia K000721409 No
Korthals, P.W. [s.n.], Indonesia K000721216 No
Junghuhn, F.W. [264], Indonesia K000712790 No
Forbes, H.O. [3416], Indonesia K000712800 No
Mogea, J.P. [459], Indonesia K000721215 No
Forman, L.L. [1144], Brunei K000445571 No
Schiffner, V.F. [s.n.], Indonesia K000721413 No
Korthals, P.W. [s.n.], Indonesia K000712812 No
Hose, G.F. [346], Malaysia K000721575 No
Amdjah [275], Indonesia K000712801 No
Anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000712792 No
Kadir, A. [607], Malaysia K000721672 No
Williams, R.S. [786], Philippines K000398208 No
Borden, T.E. [2101], Philippines K000398207 No
Fidilis [125357], Malaysia K000445583 No
Matthew, C.G. [s.n.], Indonesia K000721218 No
Zollinger, H. [862], Indonesia K000721421 No
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Indonesia K000712781 No
Brand, D. [24466], Malaysia K000721807 No
Elmer, A.D.E. [10665], Philippines K000398212 No
Burbidge, F.W. [s.n.], Malaysia K000712813 No
Bequaert [288], Indonesia K000721411 No
Buwalda, P. [6400], Indonesia K000721217 No
Cuming, H. [2004], Philippines K000398199 No
Elmer, A.D.E. [7990], Philippines K000398206 No
Dransfield, J. [3394], Indonesia K000721226 No
Dransfield, J. [3393], Indonesia K000721225 No
Schiffner, V.F. [22], Indonesia K000712786 No
Lowe [s.n.], Malaysia K000721654 No
Gardette, E. [452], Indonesia K000420913 No
Schiffner, V.F. [189], Indonesia K000712785 No
Junghuhn, F.W. [294], Indonesia K000721427 No
Ashton, P.S. [19057], Malaysia K000712820 No
Amin, G. [94583], Malaysia K000721656 No
Blume, H. [s.n.], Indonesia K000721426 No
Copeland, E.B. [1274], Philippines K000398216 No
Rahmat Si Boeea [9502], Indonesia K000721229 No
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Indonesia K000712784 No
Buwalda, P. [7598], Indonesia K000721219 No
Clemens, J. [22030], Malaysia K000721572 No
Dewol [77571], Malaysia K000721803 No
Savinierre, E. de la [113], Indonesia K000754142 No
Anta [1286], Indonesia K000721414 No
Loher, A. [970], Philippines K000398205 No
Junghuhn, F.W. [281], Indonesia K000721231 No
Gardette, E. [324], Indonesia K000420911 No
Schmutz, E. [137], Indonesia K000445576 No
Wong, K.M. [784], Brunei K000445592 No
Matthew, C.G. [2015], Indonesia K000721221 No
Kostermans, A.J.G.H. [396], Indonesia K000721416 No
Clemens, J. [22030], Malaysia K000721571 No
Merrill, E.D. [885], Philippines K000398218 No
Capt (illegible) [s.n.], Indonesia K000712783 No
Elmer, A.D.E. [9499], Philippines K000398217 No
Anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000712788 No
Tamura, M. [557], Malaysia K000721666 No
Ernst, A. [26], Indonesia K000721423 No
Hancock, W. [122], Indonesia K000721214 No
Comber, H.F. [4169], Malaysia K000784520 No
Cuming, H. [2006], Philippines K000398196 No
Edwards, P.J. [2079], Malaysia K000721804 No
Lörzing, J.A. [15130], Indonesia K000721223 No
Krispinus, F. [89858], Malaysia K000721657 No
Clemens, J. [20421], Malaysia K000712819 No
Burley, J.S. [1312], Indonesia K000721213 No
Hose, C. [723], Malaysia K000712823 No
Lim, S.P. [1804], Malaysia K000445563 No
Korthals, P.W. [s.n.], Indonesia K000712794 No
Edwards, P.J. [2079], Malaysia K000721805 No
Clemens, M.S. [11271], Malaysia K000721669 No
Coode, M.J.E. [6616], Brunei K000445593 No
Dransfield, J. [4257], Indonesia K000721410 No
Beaman, J.H. [9942], Malaysia K000721653 No
Kostermans, A.J.G.H. [18120], Indonesia K000712798 No
Jun 22, 2018 Lewis, G.P. [93], Malaysia Lycopodium phlegmaria K000429436 No
Jul 1, 1969 Berrie, A. [123], Malawi Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210638 Yes
Lisowski, S. [16044], Zaïre Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210646 No
Pocs, T. [6183/F], Tanzania Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210640 No
Burbridge, F.W. [s.n.], Philippines Lycopodium phlegmaria K000398221 Unknown type material Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 133] Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109357 Yes
Halle, Nicolas [3389], Gabon Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210644 No
Thomas, D.W. [2654], Tanzania Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210641 No
De Silva, F. [Cat. no. 133] Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109354 Yes
Henry, A. [595], Taiwan Lycopodium phlegmaria K001094183 Yes
Louis, J. [6010], Zaïre Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210645 No
Greenway, P. [7157], Uganda Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210639 No
Deighton, F.C. [5658], Sierra Leone Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210643 No
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 133], India Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109351 Yes
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 133], Mauritius Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109352 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 133] Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109356 Yes
Hall, J.B. [42606], Ghana Lycopodium phlegmaria K000210642 No
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 133], Mauritius Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109355 Yes
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 133] Lycopodium phlegmaria K001109353 Yes


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