Actiniopteris radiata (Sw.) Link

First published in Fil. Spec.: 80 (1841)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Iran to Myanmar. It grows primarly in the wet tropical biome(s).


Native to:

Afghanistan, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Cape Provinces, Cape Verde, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Kenya, KwaZulu-Natal, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Northern Provinces, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, West Himalaya, Yemen, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe

Extinct in:



Homotypic Synonyms

Heterotypic Synonyms

POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Fraser-Jenkins, C.R. & al. (2017). An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes 1: 1-562. Dehra Dun : BSMPS.
  • Fraser-Jenkins, C.R. & al. (2018). An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes 2: 1-573. Dehra Dun : BSMPS.
  • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World. Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Flora of West Tropical Africa

  • Bedd. Ferns S. Ind. t .124 (1863)
  • Cent. Ferns, t. 75 (1854)
  • Engl.Pflanzenw. Afr. 2 : 42, fig. 37 (1908).
  • Fil. Spec. 80 (1841)
  • Hook. Ic. Pl. t. 975 (1854)
  • W. Cross in Gard. Chron. 1870: 244, fig. 41

Kew Backbone Distributions

  • Fraser-Jenkins, C.R. & al. (2017). An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes 1: 1-562. Dehra Dun : BSMPS.

Flora of Somalia

  • Flora Somalia, Vol 1, (1993) Author: [updated by M. Thulin 2008]

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
May 9, 2007 Thulin, M. [3511], Ethiopia K000539586 No
Feb 8, 1999 Nixon, K. [s.n.], Tanzania K000539737 No
Feb 8, 1999 Schlieben, H.J. [3197], Tanzania K000539739 No
Feb 8, 1999 Thorold, C.A. [2729], Kenya K000539654 No
Feb 8, 1999 Hemming, C.F. [271], Kenya K000539656 No
Feb 8, 1999 Gatheri, G.W. [79/158], Kenya K000570011 No
Feb 8, 1999 Geilinger, Dr. [4780], Tanzania K000570036 No
Feb 8, 1999 Kirrika [s.n.], Kenya K000539652 No
Feb 8, 1999 Geilinger, Dr. [4236], Tanzania K000570037 No
Feb 8, 1999 Napper, D.M. [494], Kenya K000570008 No
Feb 8, 1999 Napper, D.M. [494], Kenya K000570005 No
Feb 8, 1999 Schlieben, H.J. [6367], Tanzania K000539743 No
Feb 8, 1999 Robinson, E.A. [1670], Tanzania K000539736 No
Feb 8, 1999 Glover, P.E. [260], Tanzania K000539738 No
Feb 8, 1999 Vesey-Fitzgerald, L.D.E.F. [331], Kenya K000570013 No
Feb 8, 1999 Eggeling, W.J. [E2414], Uganda K000539643 No
Feb 8, 1999 Eggeling, W.J. [1205], Uganda K000539644 No
Aug 26, 1998 Kabuye, C.H.S. [654], Kenya K000570022 No
Sep 2, 1991 Robertson, S.A. [6215], Kenya K000570020 No
Jan 2, 1991 Ruffo [2507], Tanzania K000570047 No
Aug 30, 1989 Gilbert, M.G. [36], Ethiopia K000539579 No
Nov 2, 1987 Robson, N.K.B. [792], Zambia K000539886 No
Oct 23, 1987 Linder [3622], Kenya K000539648 No
Mar 16, 1987 Tardelli, M. [11], Somalia K000539578 No
Jul 1, 1985 Wendelberger [239], Kenya K000570024 No
Jun 8, 1982 Philcox, D. [8785], Zimbabwe K000539895 No
May 21, 1982 Chisumpa, S.M. [471], Zambia K000539884 No
Jan 1, 1982 Friis, I. [1151], Sudan K000539569 No
Jan 1, 1980 Cardoso [83], Cape Verde K000548560 No
Jan 1, 1980 Cardoso [39], Cape Verde K000548559 No
Jan 1, 1980 Chevalier, A. [44923], Cape Verde K000548561 No
Aug 13, 1975 Hale, A.J. [64], Kenya K000570029 No
Jan 1, 1973 Gossweiler, J. [1719], Angola K000539905 No
Jan 1, 1972 Keraudren, M. [1503], Madagascar K000570109 No
Jan 1, 1968 Wilde, W.J.J.O. de [10559], Ethiopia K000539584 No
Jan 1, 1966 Sow, G. van [1799C], Botswana K000539901 No
Jan 1, 1966 Sow, G. van [1799C], Botswana K000539900 No
Jan 1, 1964 Biholong, M. [102] K000548579 No
Jan 1, 1964 Bounougou, E. [177bis] K000548578 No
Jan 1, 1964 Letouzey, R. [6446] K000548577 No
Aug 1, 1963 Thomson, T. [485], India K000539284 No
Aug 1, 1963 Buchanan [21], Malawi K000539877 No
Aug 1, 1963 Waller, P.H. [s.n.], Malawi K000539876 No
Aug 1, 1963 Kotschy [100], Ethiopia K000539573 No
Aug 1, 1963 Kotschy [100], Egypt K000539281 No
Aug 1, 1963 S.I. [s.n.], India K000539321 No
Jan 1, 1961 Buchanan [15], South Africa K000539968 No
Jan 1, 1961 Hildebrandt, J.M. [1487], Somalia K000539592 No
Jan 1, 1961 Collenette, S. [67], Somalia K000539594 No
Jan 1, 1961 Holst, C. [2546], Tanzania K000570040 No
Ralimanana [RLI 1426], Madagascar K000663411 No
Harris, B.J. [3259], Tanzania K000539740 No
Robertson, S.A. [662], Tanzania K000539741 No
Kirk, J. [s.n.], Tanzania K000539742 No
Greenway, P.J. [14070], Tanzania K000539745 No
Kimani, Z.J. [253A], Kenya K000539645 No
Oteke, J. [13], Kenya K000539649 No
Faden, R.B. [71/378], Kenya K000570001 No
Gillett, J.B. [21697], Kenya K000570007 No
Faden, R.B. [70/139], Kenya K000570009 No
Faden, R.B. [71/389], Kenya K000570010 No
Faden, R.B. [67/645], Kenya K000570012 No
Verdcourt, B. [2642], Kenya K000570015 No
Robertson, S.A. [6807], Kenya K000570019 No
Faden, R.B. [71/40], Kenya K000570021 No
Mungai, G.M. [173/83], Kenya K000570026 No
Mungai, G.M. [79], Kenya K000570027 No
Faden, R.B. [70/973], Kenya K000570028 No
Mabberley, D.J. [68], Kenya K000570030 No
Stuart Watt, C. [s.n.], Kenya K000570031 No
Peter, A. [33602], Tanzania K000570032 No
Greenway, P.J. [13193], Tanzania K000570033 No
Greenway, P.J. [11038], Tanzania K000570035 No
Leistner, O. [198], Namibia K000539954 No
Schweickerdt, H.G.W.J. [2110], Namibia K000539961 No
Venter, F. [1112], South Africa K000539966 No
Gillett, J.B. [2989], South Africa K000539971 No
Rodin, R.J. [3664], South Africa K000539972 No
Godding, H.C. [99], Somalia K000539566 No
Braggins, J.E. [82/15], Sri Lanka K000548547 No
Braggins, J.E. [82/15], Sri Lanka K000548548 No
Mahindar, H.S. [285], Tanzania K000570038 No
Drummond, R.B. [3014B], Tanzania K000570043 No
Chase, N.C. [8000], Zimbabwe K000539896 No
Bamps, P. [4039], Angola K000539902 No
Lugard, E.J. [226], Botswana K000539899 No
Newton, F. [s.n.], Angola K000539903 No
Lam, H.J. [5423], Madagascar K000570110 No
Lorence, D.H. [4], Réunion K000570111 No
Anonymous [s.n.], Réunion K000570112 No
Mwachala, G. [1190], Kenya K000570018 No
Smith, I. [197/6] K000539287 No
Sauliere, A. [431], India K000539289 No
Wight, Dr. [s.n.], India K000539291 No
Thomson, T. [s.n.], India K000539294 No
Aitchison, J.E.I. [s.n.], India K000539297 No
Anonymous [24751], India K000539302 No
Ralph, T.S. [281], India K000539305 No
Anonymous [s.n.], India K000539310 No
Bourne, A.G. [5153], India K000539312 No
Saldanha, C.J. [14113], India K000539314 No
Prior, A. [s.n.], India K000539315 No
Gamble, J.S. [20886], India K000548542 No
Rafir, S.R. [18638], India K000548544 No
Skinner, Major [s.n.], Sri Lanka K000548551 No
Brooks, R.R. [278], Zaïre K000548576 No
Wickens, G.E. [1978], Sudan K000539568 No
Wickens, G.E. [2615], Sudan K000539571 No
Brown, A.J. [873], Sudan K000539572 No
Lynes, H. [633], Sudan K000539574 No
Friis, I. [2895], Ethiopia K000539581 No
Ash, J.W. [183], Ethiopia K000539585 No
Peck, E.F. [265], Somalia K000539593 No
Parris, B.S. [10203], Zambia K000539880 No
Wild, H. [7525], Zimbabwe K000539892 No
Barclay, C. [1317], Réunion K000570113 No
Musselman, L.J. [6250], Sudan K000539570 No
Wickens, G.E. [3085], Sudan K000539577 No
Parris, B.S. [10198], Zambia K000539882 No
Gough, Viscount G. [3260], India K000539313 No
Jacquemont, V. [48], India K000539298 No
Ash, J.W. [2907], Ethiopia K000539588 No
Bingham, M.G. [11037], Zambia K000539878 No
Greenway, P.J. [11084], Tanzania K000570034 No
Anonymous [24867], India K000539303 No
Bjørnstad, A. [855], Tanzania K000539744 No
Phipps, J.B. [919], Zimbabwe K000539894 No
Gibbs Russell, G.E. [2663], Zimbabwe K000539888 No
Cox, J. [2300], Tanzania K000570048 No
O'Brien, E.M. [205], Somalia K000539590 No
Lankester, C.H. [s.n.], Sudan K000539576 No
Jarrett, F.M. [17024], India K000548546 No
Gamble, J.S. [17767], India K000539319 No
Seydel, R. [566], Namibia K000539959 No
Wickens, G.E. [846], Sudan K000539575 No
Gilbert, V.C. [1311], Kenya K000570025 No
Burrows, J.E. [3323], Namibia K000539955 No
Gibson [s.n.], India K000539290 No
Isaac, W.E. [1933], Kenya K000570014 No
Stocks, dr. [66], India K000539309 No
Ash, J.W. [196], Ethiopia K000539587 No
Carter, S. [28], Kenya K000539655 No
Jacobsen, N. [625], Zimbabwe K000539893 No
Martin, W.H.R. [124], Kenya K000539657 No
Rodin, R.J. [9162], Namibia K000539973 No
Edgeworth [s.n.] K000539292 No
Friis, I. [4850], Ethiopia K000539589 No
Gillett, J.B. [18140], Kenya K000570003 No
Carter, S. [53], Kenya K000539659 No
Chisumpa, S.M. [117], Zambia K000539879 No
Schelpe, E.A.C.L.E. [4773], Namibia K000539956 No
Seydel, R. [4441], Namibia K000539963 No
Smith, P.A. [2085], Botswana K000539898 No
Gilbert, M.G. [3359], Ethiopia K000539583 No
Mitchell, D.S. [907], Zimbabwe K000539890 No
Milne-Redhead, E. [7014], Kenya K000570016 No
Duthie, J.F. [5252b], India K000539307 No
Wood, J.R.I. [2617], Yemen K000539268 No
Beddome, R.H. [s.n.], India K000539320 No
Thomson, T. [1342], India K000539295 No
Anonymous [586], India K000548545 No
Burrows, J.E. [3062], Zimbabwe K000539891 No
Kirk, J. [s.n.], Mozambique K000539875 No
Kabir (Drummond, J.R.) [15252], India K000539301 No
Anonymous [496], India K000539322 No
Forsskal, P. [s.n.], Yemen K000539270 No
Lace, J.H. [4872], Burma K000548554 No
Longhitano, N. [1], Ethiopia K000539580 No
Polhill, E. Mrs. [345/B], Kenya K000570002 No
Manickam, V.S. [33142], India K000539318 No
Venter, F. [1112], South Africa K000539967 No
Beckett, J.J. [1616], Somalia K000539591 No
Grimshaw, J.M. [93/1121], Tanzania K000539735 No
Parris, B.S. [10203], Zambia K000539881 No
Engler, A. [6403], Namibia K000539957 No
Schweinfurth, G. [290], Yemen K000539267 No
Borges, A. [204], Angola K000539906 No
Ruffo [2507], Tanzania K000539809 No
Gilbert, M.G. [5021-5035], Kenya K000539646 No
Glover, P.E. [2780], Kenya K000570017 No
Gilbert, M.G. [2897], Ethiopia K000539582 No
Karani, P. [151], Tanzania K000570039 No
Bates, Col. [2], India K000539296 No
Parris, B.S. [10198], Zambia K000539883 No
Gillett, J.B. [12565B], Kenya K000539650 No
Gamble, J.S. [20935], India K000548543 No
Strey [3651], South Africa K000539974 No
Dinter [7505], Namibia K000539958 No
Robinson, W. [85], Sri Lanka K000548549 No
O'Connor, S. [1], Madagascar K000570107 No
Leach, L.C. [13278], South Africa K000539964 No
Haarer, A.E. [1316], Tanzania K000570041 No
Gamble, J.S. [12174], India K000548541 No
Wallich, N. [197], India K000539286 No
Welwitsch, Dr. [163], Angola K000539910 No
Schmid, Dr. [s.n.], India K000539323 No
Seydel, R. [1560], Namibia K000539962 No
Grote [5903], Tanzania K000570046 No
Strey [3651], South Africa K000539975 No
Falconer [s.n.], India K000539299 No
Bourne, A.G. [5140], India K000539311 No
Golding, J.S. [158], Mozambique K000539874 No
Friis, I. [1036], Ethiopia K000539567 No
Lace, J.H. [4872], Burma K000548555 No
Sledge, W.A. [1035], Sri Lanka K000548553 No
Menezes, A. [3612], Angola K000539907 No
Matthew, K.M. [31527], India K000539317 No
Wellby, M.S. Capt. [s.n.], Kenya K000539653 No
Anonymous [s.n.], India K000539285 No
Allen, C. [91], Zambia K000539885 No
Mathew, B. [6576], Kenya K000539651 No
Gillett, J.B. [19260], Kenya K000570004 No
Collenette, S. [5448], Saudi Arabia K000539269 No
Faden, R.B. [74/933], Kenya K000539647 No
Smook, L. [9292], Namibia K000539952 No
Martin, W.H.R. [110], Kenya K000539658 No
Kässner, B. [621], Kenya K000570023 No
Barker, Miss [s.n.], Zimbabwe K000539897 No
Dyer, R.A. [5342], South Africa K000539970 No
Tölken, H. [946], Namibia K000539953 No
Anonymous [s.n.], India K000539308 No
Rakotondrainibe, F. [3257], Madagascar K000570106 No
Peter, A. [4483b], Tanzania K000570044 No
Merxmueller, H. [498], South Africa K000539969 No
Peter, A. [16578], Tanzania K000570042 No
Smook, L. [2661], South Africa K000539965 No
Burrows, J.E. [3025], Zimbabwe K000539887 No
Faden, R.B. [69/493], Kenya K000570006 No
Kabir (Drummond, J.R.) [15250], India K000539304 No
Daramola, B. [67344], Nigeria K000548563 No
Grote [5903], Tanzania K000570045 No
Wallich, N. [197], India K000539293 No
Haines, H.H. [5373], India K000539306 No
Humbert, H. [2718], Madagascar K000570108 No
Manickam, V.S. [31517], India K000539316 No
Kabir (Drummond, J.R.) [15251], India K000539300 No
Mitchell, D.S. [778], Zimbabwe K000539889 No
Merxmueller, H. [1501], Namibia K000539960 No
Welwitsch, Dr. [78], Angola K000539904 No
Gardrin [1342], Sri Lanka K000548550 No
Faden, R.B. [76/558], Sri Lanka K000548552 No
Pearson, H.H.W. [2803], Angola K000539908 No
Dalziel, J.M. [246], Nigeria K000548562 No
s.coll. [Cat. no. 197], India Asplenium radiatum K001109516 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 197], India Asplenium radiatum K001109515 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 197] Asplenium radiatum K001109514 Yes
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 197], Myanmar Asplenium radiatum K001109513 Yes
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 197], India Asplenium radiatum K001109512 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 197] Asplenium radiatum K001109517 Yes


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