Opuntia vulgaris Mill.

This is a synonym of Opuntia humifusa (Raf.) Raf.

Opuntia vulgaris Mill. appears in other Kew resources:

First published in Gard. Dict. ed. 8: n.° 1 (1768)

Accepted by

  • Tutin, T.G. & al. (eds.) (1968). Flora Europaea 2: 1-469. Cambridge University Press.

Not accepted by

  • Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2003). Flora of North America North of Mexico 4: 1-559. Oxford University Press, New York, Oxford. [Cited as Opuntia ficus-indica.]
  • Hunt, D., Taylor, N. & Chales, G. (2006). The new Cactus lexicon Text: 1-373. dh books, Milborne Port, England. [Cited as Opuntia humifusa.]
  • Mottram, R. (2013). Linnaean cactus legacy. The Cactician 3: 1-83. [Cited as Opuntia ficus-indica.]
  • USDA, NRCS (2005-2020). Natural Resources Conservation Services Plant Database http://plants.usda.gov/cgi_bin/topics.cgi?earl=checklist.html. [Cited as Opuntia ficus-indica.]
  • Vladimirov, V., Aybeke, N. & Kit Tan (eds.) (2017). New floristic records in the Balkans: 32. Phytologia Balcanica 23: 119-146. [Cited as Opuntia humifusa.]
  • Wu, Z., Raven, P.H. & Hong, D. (eds.) (2007). Flora of China 13: 1-548. Science Press (Beijing) & Missouri Botanical Garden Press (St. Louis). [Cited as Opuntia ficus-indica.]


Flora of Tropical East Africa

  • Britton & Rose, The Cactaceae 1: 156 (1919). Based on an illustration by Bauhin (Hist. Pl. 1: 154 (1650)), after L’Obel (Icones 2: 241 (1591)), origin unknown.
  • Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8 (1768).

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