Pouteria macrophylla (Lam.) Eyma

First published in Recueil Trav. Bot. Néerl. 33: 164 (1936)
This name is a synonym of Lucuma rivicoa

POWO follows these authorities in synonymising this name:

  • (2023). https://doi.org/10.1002/tax.12894. epublication. [Cited as Lucuma rivicoa.]

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Alves-Araújo, A., Swenson, U. & Alves, M. (2014). A taxonomic survey of Pouteria (Sapotaceae) from the northern portion of the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil. Systematic Botany 39: 915-938. [Cited as Pouteria macrophylla.]
  • Bernal, R., Gradstein, R.S. & Celis, M. (eds.) (2016). Catálogo de plantas y líquenes de Colombia 1-2: 1-3068. Libro impreso. [Cited as Pouteria macrophylla.]
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  • Oliveira-Filho, A.T. (2006). Catálogo das Árvores nativas de Minas Gerais: 1-423. Editora UFLA, Lavas, Brasil. [Cited as Pouteria macrophylla.]

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