Matricaria aurea (Loefl.) Sch.Bip.

First published in Bonplandia (Hannover) 8: 369 (1860)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Medit. to NW. India and Arabian Peninsula. It is an annual and grows primarily in the subtropical biome.


Native to:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Gulf States, India, Iran, Iraq, Kriti, Kuwait, Lebanon-Syria, Libya, Morocco, North Caucasus, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sicilia, Sinai, Spain, Tadzhikistan, Transcaucasus, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, West Himalaya

Introduced into:

Assam, France, Germany, Great Britain


Homotypic Synonyms

Heterotypic Synonyms


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

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Kew Backbone Distributions

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Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Wheeler Haines, R. [W931A] Iraq K002338050 Yes
Al-Kaisi [44238] Iraq K002338079 Yes
Chakravarty; Rawi; Khatib; Alizzi [31617] Iraq K002338051 Yes
Ani, H.A. [39817] Iraq K002338043 Yes
Guest; Rawi; Rechinger [17385] Iraq K002338068 Yes
Al-Kaisi; Hamad, K. [49233] Iraq K002338081 Yes
Omar, S.; Al-Kaisi; Hamad, K.; Hamid, H. [44623] Iraq K002338080 Yes
Al-Kaisi; Hamad, K. [48981] Iraq K002338082 Yes
Cowan; Darlington [189] Iran K002338004 Yes
Omar, S.; Karim, F.; Hamza, R.; Hamid, H. [37215] Iraq K002338049 Yes
Graham, R.J.D. [s.n.] Iraq K002338039 Yes
Omar, S.; Hamid, H. [36310] Iraq K002338029 Yes
Al-Dabagh; Al-Kaisi [41887] Iraq K002338059 Yes
Rawi, A.; Sh. Haddad [25794] Iraq K002338047 Yes
Rogers, F.A. [0488] Iraq K002338088 Yes
Chakravarty; Rawi; Khatib; Alizzi [32090] Iraq K002338052 Yes
Gillett [7708] Iraq K002338062 Yes
E-Weinert; Fawzi; Adel; Hussain [47595] Iraq K002338085 Yes
Chakravarty; Rawi; Khatch; Alizzi [32881] Iraq K002338020 Yes
V.C.R. [RA 17 ] Iraq K002338055 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [10297] Iraq K002338005 Yes
Gillett [10187] Iraq K002338014 Yes
[Gussaf Lozar] [3893] Iraq K002338075 Yes
Anderson, B. [1963] Iraq K002338064 Yes
Rogers, F.A. [018] Iraq K002338086 Yes
Hamid, H. [39154] Iraq K002338063 Yes
Al-Ani, H.A.; Haddi, H. [9452] Iraq K002338058 Yes
Rawi, A. [12588] Iraq K002338071 Yes
[Hunting Aerosurveys] [93] Iraq K002338083 Yes
[Evan Guest]; al Rawi, A.; [Must Long] [14051] Iraq K002338070 Yes
s.coll. [43160] Iraq K002338002 Yes
Al-Rawi, A. [17963] Iraq K002338018 Yes
[F. Kassinar];[M. Noori];Hamid, H.; [H. Kadhir] [40138] Iraq K002338031 Yes
Alizzi, H.; Thaib, H.; Janan [32[5]78] Iraq K002338006 Yes
Cowan; Darlington [43] Iraq K002338003 Yes
s.coll. [413] Iraq K002338067 Yes
Ani, H.A. [39889] Iraq K002338042 Yes
Polunin, N.; Khudairi, A.K.; Haines, R.W.; Tolba, M. [s.n.] Iraq K002338007 Yes
Rawi, A. [20009] Iraq K002338065 Yes
Chakravarty; Rawi [29813] Iraq K002338046 Yes
Rawi, A. [30227] Iraq K002338026 Yes
Ahmad, H. [9871] Iraq K002338013 Yes
Selman, W. [210] Iraq K002338015 Yes
Rogers, F.A. [018] Iraq K002338084 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [6424] Iraq K002338012 Yes
Ani, H.A. [39820] Iraq K002338027 Yes
Haines, R.W. [W 594] Iraq K002338044 Yes
Colvill, W.H. [s.n.] Iraq K002338089 Yes
Guest, E.R. [1772] Iraq K002338078 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [7251] Iraq K002338061 Yes
s.coll. [42085] Iraq K002338028 Yes
Haddad, S.Y. [9614] Iraq K002338022 Yes
Hamid, H. [39064] Iraq K002338040 Yes
[B. S. Bayliss] [90] Iraq K002338053 Yes
Ani, H.A. [39718] Iraq K002338060 Yes
s.coll. [42217] Iraq K002338073 Yes
Lazar, Y. [196] Iraq K002338087 Yes
Rawi, A. [23737] Iraq K002338034 Yes
Chakravarty; Khatib; Rawi; Tikriti [29850] Iraq K002338024 Yes
Rawi; Khatib [32316] Iraq K002338035 Yes
Wiest, A. [691] Egypt K000928482 Unknown Type Material Yes
Alizzi; Omar, S. [35444] Iraq K002338016 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [6179] Iraq K002338011 Yes
Matti, Y.; Ramadhan, M.; Jumaily [304] Iraq K002338054 Yes
Howes, F.N. [[H1152]] Iraq K002338036 Yes
Rawi, A. [22751] Iraq K002338033 Yes
Omar, S.; Al-Kaisi; Hamid, H.; Hamad, K. [44348] Iraq K002338069 Yes
Barkley, F.A.; Brahim, J. [480B] Iraq K002338019 Yes
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Guest, E.R. [1879] Iraq K002338077 Yes
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Wheeler Haines, R. [W594] Iraq K002338048 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [6053] Iraq K002338008 Yes
Rawi [31392] Iraq K002338045 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [6168] Iraq K002338010 Yes
Guest, E.R. [366] Iraq K002338057 Yes
Graham, R.J.D. [s.n.] Iraq K002338037 Yes
Alizzi; Husain [33774] Iraq K002338017 Yes
[Cvan Cuest] [13398] Iraq K002338032 Yes
Rawi; Gillett [6128] Iraq K002338009 Yes
Omar, S.; Kaisi, A.; Hamad, K.; Hamid, H. [44546] Iraq K002338066 Yes
Ball, J. [10] Spain Chamaemelum aureum K002490028 Yes
Bourgeau, E. [s.n.] Spain Chamaemelum aureum K002490023 Yes
Welwitschii [s.n.] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490009 Yes
Boissier [s.n.] Spain Chamaemelum aureum K002490027 Yes
Bourgeau, E. [s.n.] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490008 Yes
Schafer, B. [s.n.] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490011 Yes
s.coll. [385] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490010 Yes
[Holkotittis] [100] Spain Chamaemelum aureum K002490024 Yes
Webb [s.n.] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490006 Yes
Castro, M.; Sennen, F. [3301] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490005 Yes
Blanco [529] United Kingdom Chamaemelum aureum K002490025 Yes
Hochstetter [484] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490007 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Spain Chamaemelum aureum K002490026 Yes
[Mrs. Scarlett] [241] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490004 Yes
[Miss. J. Ogilvie] [68] Portugal Chamaemelum aureum K002490012 Yes


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