Fabaceae Lindl.

Piptadenia Benth.

This genus is accepted, and its native range is Mexico to Tropical America.


Legumes of the World. Edited by G. Lewis, B. Schrire, B. MacKinder & M. Lock. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. (2005)

soroca, angico de bezerro, jurema preta, surucuçu, icarapé pau jacaré
Trees, shrubs (erect and scandent) and lianas
Tropical lowland rain forest, coastal and riparian forest, tropical to subtropical seasonally dry forest, secondary forest, woodland, thorn scrub (caatinga) and rocky wooded grassland
S America with centres in Amazonia linking to the Atlantic forests of Brazil (c. 10 spp.), NE & E Brazil drylands with extension to Venezuela (c. 4 spp., one extending to C America and Mexico); sub-Andean drylands in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia (c. 2 spp.); SE Brazil (c. 4 spp.); 2 spp. widespread in drylands from Mexico and C America to Argentina
Genus much in need of revision and new taxa await description. Polyphyletic in most recent molecular analyses (Luckow et al., 2003); the type was not included in the analysis so its position within the genus is not clear; presently placed in the Piptadenia group, where two species form a strongly supported clade with Parapiptadenia, Stryphnodendron and Microlobius, in the analysis of Luckow et al. (2003)

Various species used for timber ( surucuçu, icarapé, soroca, jurema preta, pau jacaré, angico de bezerro ) for construction, posts, tool handles, carving and firewood; tannins are extracted from the bark

Native to:

Argentina Northwest, Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico Central, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Nicaragua, Panamá, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad-Tobago, Venezuela, Venezuelan Antilles

Piptadenia Benth. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Mar 25, 2010 Forzza, R.C. [5122], Rio de Janeiro K000661360 No
Mar 11, 2008 Ehringhaus, C. [1039], Acre K000849970 Yes
Nov 13, 2005 Thomas, W.W. [5039], Rondônia K000849972 Yes
Sep 13, 2005 Ferreira, C.A.C. [7531], Rondônia K000849974 Yes
Sep 13, 2005 Prance, G.T. [6519], Rondônia K000849959 Yes
Sep 13, 2005 Thomas, W.W. [5063], Rondônia K000849973 Yes
Sep 13, 2005 Cid Ferreira, C.A. [10245], Acre K000849975 Yes
Nov 30, 1983 Prance, G.T. [5588], Rondônia K000849961 Yes
Oct 26, 1979 Glaziou, A.F.M. [10594], Rio de Janeiro K000849963 Yes
Daly, D.C. [9761], Acre K000849976 Yes
Usteri, A. [131b], São Paulo K000849962 Yes
Tschá, M. [427], Pernambuco K000849978 Yes
Heringer, E.P. [6032], Brazil K000849968 Yes
Folli, D.A. [1287], Espírito Santo K000849966 Yes
Tschá, M. [427], Pernambuco K000849977 Yes
Gentry, A. [49464], Rio de Janeiro K000849980 Yes
Heringer, E.P. [6483], Brazil K000849969 Yes
Menandro, M.S. [246], Minas Gerais K000849967 Yes
Ratter, J.A. [7305], Goiás K000849965 Yes
Fiebrig, K. [4524], Paraguay K000849960 Yes
Marcon, A.B. [101], Pernambuco K000849979 Yes
Calderón, C.E. [2642], Amazonas K000849964 Yes

First published in J. Bot. (Hooker) 2: 135 (1840)

Accepted by

  • Borges, L. (2021). Personal communication on Fabaceae, Caesalpinioideae. 1 Universidade Federal de São Carlos.
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