Sphaeranthus suaveolens (Forssk.) DC.

First published in Prodr. 5: 370 (1836)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is N. Sinai, Egypt to S. Tropical Africa.


Native to:

Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sinai, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zaïre


Homotypic Synonyms


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Flora of Tropical East Africa

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Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Greenway, P.J. [10656] Tanzania K002314964 Yes
Lye, K.A.; Lester, R.N. [LY-1040] Uganda K002314858 Yes
Kahurananga, J.; Kibui, K. [2834] Kenya K002314926 Yes
Richards, H.M. (Mrs); Arasululu, S. [25820] Tanzania K002314895 Yes
Rogers, C.G. [549] Kenya K002314951 Yes
Haarer, A.E. [888] Tanzania K002900019 Yes
Salubeni, A.J. [1470] Malawi K003186928 Yes
Mwangargi, O.M. [1742] Kenya K002314947 Yes
Richards, M. [20187] Tanzania K002314972 Yes
Greenway, P.J.; Kanuri [12548] Tanzania K002314998 Yes
Whyte, A. [s.n.] Kenya K002314875 Yes
McCusker, A.; Harris, B.J. [DSM467] Tanzania K002314898 Yes
Kaerdi, F. [395/0] Tanzania K002314995 Yes
Semsei, S.R. [4103] Tanzania K002314908 Yes
Archbold, M.E. [2889] Tanzania K002315000 Yes
Backlund, H.O. [9] Tanzania K001739611 Yes
Burtt, B.D. [4339] Tanzania K002314992 Yes
Mwangargi, O.M. [20] Kenya K002314927 Yes
Dümmer, R. [2574] Uganda K000274168 Type Yes
Harley, R.M. [9423] Tanzania K002314966 Yes
Glover; Gwynne; Samuel [182] Kenya K002314873 Yes
Pierce, R. [5172] Uganda K002314871 Yes
Richards, M. [25331] Tanzania K002314891 Yes
Luke, P.A.; Stolberger, S. [Luke WRQ 16966] Tanzania K001768960 Yes
Aichbold, M.E. [3197] Tanzania K002900007 Yes
Graham, R.H.; [E. B. Napier] [2286] Kenya K002314882 Yes
Hepper, F.N.; Field, D.V. [4908] Kenya K002314946 Yes
Hindort [844] Kenya K002900015 Yes
Brummitt, R.K. [11114] Mozambique K003186931 Yes
{Cribb; Grey-Wilson} [10112] Tanzania K002314905 Yes
Drummond, R.B.; Hemsley, J.H. [2086] Tanzania K002314986 Yes
Lingard, E.J. [177] Kenya K002314890 Yes
Haarer, A. [1878] Tanzania K002314999 Yes
Dümmer, R.A. [s.n.] Kenya K002314937 Yes
Schlieben, H.J. [1741] Tanzania K002314981 Yes
Glover; Gwynne; Samuel [446] Kenya K002314928 Yes
Faulkner, H.G. [2230] Tanzania K002314994 Yes
Raynal, J. [19513] Tanzania K002314903 Yes
Semsei, S.R. [2879] Tanzania K002314984 Yes
Purseglove, J.W. [P1628] Uganda K002314860 Yes
Hornby, H.H. [336] Tanzania K002314977 Yes
Peter, G.A. [32717] Tanzania K002314975 Yes
Van Someren, V.L.G. [B440] Kenya K002314938 Yes
Fries, R.E.; Fries, T.C.E. [320] Kenya K002314936 Yes
Haarer, A.E. [52 B] Tanzania K002314990 Yes
Faden, R.B. [67/921] Kenya K002314922 Yes
Maitland, T.D. [188] Uganda K002314864 Yes
Tanner, R. [1729] Tanzania K002314979 Yes
s.coll. [8662] Tanzania K002314996 Yes
Burtt, B.D. [4302] Tanzania K002314991 Yes
Robison, T. [5536] Tanzania K002314963 Yes
Carmichael, W. [263] Tanzania K002314982 Yes
Stolz, A. [1548] Tanzania K002314980 Yes
Richards, M.; Arasululu, S. [28811] Tanzania K002314894 Yes
Richards, H.M. (Mrs) [8319] Zambia K003186930 Yes
Richards, H.M. (Mrs) [25011] Tanzania K002314897 Yes
Polhill, R.; Paulo, S. [2351] Tanzania K002314893 Yes
Norman, E.M. [92] Uganda K002314859 Yes
Archbold, M.E. [1199] Tanzania K002314900 Yes
{Greenway} [2546 [(FH)]] Tanzania K002314971 Yes
Glover, P.E.; Samuel [2888] Kenya K002314870 Yes
Fries, R.E.; Fries, T.C.E. [93] Kenya K002314924 Yes
Bally, P.R.O. [B16960] Kenya K002314925 Yes
Greenway, P.J. [7525] Tanzania K002314983 Yes
Glover; Gwynne; Samuel [1352] Kenya K002314872 Yes
Burtt, B.D. [3696] Tanzania K002900021 Yes
Greenway, P.J.; Kanuri [12572] Tanzania K002314906 Yes
Mhoro, B.; Backéus, I. [2027] Tanzania K002314904 Yes
Mapunda, W.J.; Raya, M.D. [DSM 1107] Tanzania K002314997 Yes
Polhill, E. [146] Kenya K002314940 Yes
Drummond, R.B.; Hemsley, J.H. [4459] Kenya K002314880 No
{Hill, Mrs. Brodhurst} [187] Kenya K002314883 Yes
Perdue, R.E.; Kibuwa, S.P. [8412] Kenya K002314923 Yes
Kerfoot, O. [2954] Kenya K002314948 Yes
Dümmer, R.A. [3713] Uganda K002314867 Yes
Naiper, E.R. [1861] Kenya K002900011 No
{Glover; Gwynne; Samuel; Tucker} [1820] Kenya K002314931 Yes
Gereau, R. [6504] Kenya K002314934 Yes
Bogdan, A. [AB 5671] Kenya K002314888 Yes
Mwinyjuma; Mahinda, H.S. [541] Kenya K002314993 Yes
Tanner, R. [1729] Tanzania K002314978 Yes
{Glover; Gwynne; Samuel; Tucker} [2426] Kenya K002314930 Yes
Scheffler, G. [319] Uganda K001739610 Yes
Eggeling, W.J. [E 1927] Uganda K002314885 Yes
Semsei [1613] Kenya K002314974 Yes
Synnott, T.J. [1058] Uganda K002314861 Yes
Greenway, P.J. [3098] Tanzania K002314989 Yes
Bally [B 8304] Tanzania K002900018 Yes
Jackson, T.H.E. [369] Kenya K002314944 Yes
{Hume} [49] Kenya K002314878 Yes
Burtt, B.D. [3696] Tanzania K002900020 Yes
Tweedie, D.R. (Mrs.) [T137] Kenya K002314939 Yes
Harwood, A. [71] Tanzania K002314965 Yes
Schlieben, H.J. [2911] Tanzania K002900004 Yes
Leedal, G.P. [713] Tanzania K002314968 Yes
Small, W. [1184] Uganda K000274170 Type Yes
Small, W. [1184] Uganda K000274169 Type Yes
Newbould, J.G.B. [3690] Kenya K002314886 Yes
Welch, J.R. [104] Tanzania K002314976 Yes
Williams, G.R. [735] Kenya K002314929 Yes
Batty, M. [245] Tanzania K002900001 Yes
Hindorf [840] Kenya K002900016 Yes
Peter, G.A. [[54141]] Tanzania K002314970 Yes
Bally [B8248] Kenya K002314921 Yes
Liebenberg, L.C.C. [813] Uganda K002314862 Yes
Bally [B1011] Kenya K002314945 Yes
Faden, R.B. [67/897] Kenya K002900014 Yes
Richards, H.M. (Mrs) [13362] Tanzania K002314892 Yes
Hepper, F.N.; Jaeger, P.M.L. [6726] Kenya K002314933 Yes
Newbould, J.G.B. [3707] Kenya K002314887 Yes
Herlocker, D. [174] Tanzania K002314985 Yes
Raynal, J. [19520] Tanzania K002314902 Yes
{Miss E. M. Bruce} [45] Tanzania K002900002 Yes
Rogers, C.G. [549] Kenya K002314950 Yes
Mayer, J. [24] Kenya K002314941 Yes
Chandler [431] Uganda K002314865 Yes
Sanane, M. [234] Tanzania K002314907 Yes
Verdcourt [1624] Kenya K002314881 Yes
Hancock [2386] Uganda K002314866 Yes
Ash [865] Ethiopia K:SPC-38822.000 No
Dümmer, R. [2475] Uganda K002314863 Yes
Mason, A. [4] Kenya K002314932 Yes
Johnston, H.H.; Whyte, A. [s.n.] Malawi K003186929 Yes
{Miss E. M. Bruce} [570] Tanzania K002900003 Yes
Bally, P.R.O. [8060] Kenya K002314943 Yes
Mwangargi, O.M. [2281] Kenya K002314942 Yes
Lingard, E.J. [94] Kenya K002314889 Yes
Copley, H. [B382] Tanzania K002314969 Yes
Batty, M. [394] Tanzania K002314899 Yes
Burtt, B.D. [4788] Tanzania K002900005 Yes
Wesche, K. [1598] Kenya K002314869 Yes
Rogers, C.G. [549] Kenya K002314949 Yes
Verdcourt [690] Kenya K002314935 Yes
Drummond, R.B.; Hemsley, J.H. [1711] Tanzania K002314987 Yes
Hedberg, O. [33] Kenya K002314884 Yes
Mhoro, B.; Backéus, I. [1983] Tanzania K002900017 Yes
Batty, M. [1092] Tanzania K002314901 Yes
Holst, C. [8979] Tanzania K002314988 Yes
Faulkner, H.G. [4812] Tanzania K002314896 Yes
Smith, S.A.L.; Beentje, H.J.; Muasya, A.M.; Muasya, E. [32] Kenya K002314868 Yes
Hooper, S.S.; Townsend, C.C.; Nicholson, R.A. [805] Tanzania K002900006 Yes
Peter, G.A. [44225] Tanzania K002314967 Yes
Maas Geesteranus, R.A. [5010] Kenya K002314874 Yes
Irwin, P.H. [9] Kenya K001739608 Yes
Faden, R.B. [67/734] Kenya K002900013 Yes
Bally [B 8091] Kenya K002314877 Yes
Whyte, A. [s.n.] Kenya K002314876 Yes
Richards, H.M. (Mrs) [7230] Tanzania K002314973 Yes


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