Ophioglossaceae Martinov

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Ophioglossaceae, J.E. Burrows, M.Sc. & R.J. Johns, M.Sc.. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2001

Morphology General Habit
Herbs, mainly terrestrial but some epiphytic, usually small and fleshy
Vegetative Multiplication Rhizomes
Rhizome globose to elongate; roots lacking root hairs, mycorrhizal
Morphology Leaves
Leaves few to solitary, simple or divided, sterile segments foliaceous, fertile segments terminal, spike-like, petiolate, simple or compound; both sterile and fertile segments arising from a common stipe, glabrous or hairy


Ophioglossaceae, A.H.G Alston. Flora of West Tropical Africa. 1959

Morphology General Habit
Terrestrial, rarely epiphytic (none in W.Africa) herbs
Morphology Leaves
Leaves few or solitary, simple (Ophioglossum) or decompound (Botrychium) with a sterile foliaceous segment and fertile non–foliaceous dorsal segment, arising from a common stipe; fertile segments simple, linear (Ophioglossum), or compound


Ophioglossaceae, E. A. C. L. E. Schelpe. Flora Zambesiaca. 1970

Morphology General Habit
Terrestrial or epiphytic herbs with globose, subglobose or elongated rhizomes

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First published in Tekhno-Bot. Slovar 438. 1820 [3 Aug 1820] , as 'Ophioglosseae' (1820)

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