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  • Cyperus tuberosus Rottb.

This is a synonym of Cyperus rotundus L.

Cyperus tuberosus Rottb. appears in other Kew resources:

First published in Descr. Icon. Rar. Pl.: 28 (1773)

Accepted by

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Not accepted by

  • Dobignard, D. & Chatelain, C. (2010). Index synonymique de la flore d'Afrique du nord 1: 1-455. Éditions des conservatoire et jardin botaniques, Genève. [Cited as Cyperus rotundus subsp. tuberosus.]
  • Hoenselaar, K., Verdcourt, B. & Beentje, H. (2010). Cyperaceae Flora of Tropical East Africa: 1-466. [Cited as Cyperus rotundus.]
  • Lye, K.A. & Thery, P. (2012). Flore du Gabon 44: 1-230. Muséum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris. [Cited as Cyperus rotundus.]
  • Walker, E.H. (1976). Flora of Okinawa and the southern Ryukyu islands: 1-1159. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C., U.S.A. [Cited as Cyperus rotundus.]


Flora of West Tropical Africa

  • Descr. Pl. Nov. Programm. 18 (1772)
  • Descr. et Icon. 28, t.7 fig. 1 (1773)
  • F.T.A. 8: 368.

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