Stellaria holostea L.

First published in Sp. Pl.: 421 (1753)
This name is a synonym of Rabelera holostea

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Belkin, D.L. (2011). Genus Stellaria (Caryophyllaceae) in Altai mountain country. Turczaninowia 14(4): 9-17. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Davis, P.H. (ed.) (1967). Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 2: 1-581. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Dobignard, A. & Chatelain, C. (2011). Index synonymique de la flore d'Afrique du nord 3: 1-449. Éditions des conservatoire et jardin botaniques, Genève. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2005). Flora of North America North of Mexico 5: 1-656. Oxford University Press, New York, Oxford. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Litvinskaya, S.A. & Murtazaliev, R.A. (2013). Flora of the Northern Caucasus: An Atlas and Identification Book: 1-688. Fiton XXI. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Malyschev, L.I. & Peschkova, G.A. (eds.) (2003). Flora of Siberia 6: 1-301. Scientific Publishers, Inc., Enfield, Plymouth. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Rechinger, K.H., Melzheimer, V., Möschl, W. & Schiman-Czeika, H. (1988). Flora Iranica 163: 1-528. Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
  • Takhtajan, A.L. (ed.) in Takhtajan, A.L. (ed.) (2012). Konspekt Flora Kavkaza 3(2): 1-623. Editio Universitatis Petropolitanae. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]
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  • Vangjeli, J. (2017). Flora Albania Atlas 1: 1-933. Koeltz Botanical Books. [Cited as Stellaria holostea.]

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