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This species is accepted, and its native range is Central China to N. & Central Japan.
Dioscorea nipponica

Native to:

Amur, China North-Central, China South-Central, China Southeast, Inner Mongolia, Japan, Khabarovsk, Korea, Manchuria, Primorye, Qinghai

Dioscorea nipponica Makino appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Makino, T. [s.n.], Japan K000098113 syntype
Makino, T. [s.n.], Japan K000098114 syntype
Kharkevich, S.S. [896], Russian Federation K001141285
Furuse, M. [20794], Japan K001141496
Wilson, E.H. [8876] K001141498
Ralph, T.S. [293] K001141502
Wilson, E.H. [1205], China K001141510
Henry, A. [5870B], China K001141518
Wang, F.T. [21883], China K001141526
Wang, F.T. [22443], China K001141529
Giraldi, J. [s.n.], China K001141536
Liou, K.M. [4480], China K001141543
Licent, E. [1236], China K001141545
Chow, H.F. [40735], China K001141547
Tsai, H.T. [50264], China K001141550
Dorsett, P.H. [565], Japan K001141486
Purdom, W. [s.n.], China K001141537
Wilson, E.H. [Bis 8876] K001141501
Ching, R.C. [8476], China K001141533
Licent, E. [3538], China K001141525
Purdom, W. [s.n.], China K001141538
Watanabe, H. [s.n.], Japan K001141509
Wilson, E.H. [9267] K001141497
Kung, H.W. [K2065], China K001141523
Ling, K. [9168], China K001141534
Furuse, M. [26501], Japan K001141495
Henry, A. [s.n.], China K001141516
s.coll [s.n.] K001141284
Wilson, E.H. [2923], China K001141520
Mizushima, M. [10278], Japan K001141483
Wang, T.P. [2882], China K001141542
Schneider, C.K. [1674], China K001141544
Furuse, M. [47016], Japan K001141504
Henry, A. [5870], China K001141513
Chen, F.H. [392], China K001141524
Henry, A. [7358], China K001141512
Tang, T. [2148], China K001141546
Wilson, E.H. [8653] K001141499
Furuse, M. [41518], Japan K001141505
Faurie, P. [2374], Japan K001141489
Purdom, W. [s.n.], China K001141539
s.coll [PI 227122], Japan K001141552
s.coll [s.n.] K001141283
Farges, R.P. [897] K001141531
s.coll [s.n.], Japan K001141488
Faurie, P. [13599], Japan K001141487
Henry, A. [5870], China K001141515
Furuse, M. [41518], Japan K001141507
Henry, A. [4769], China K001141514
Furuse, M. [52816], Japan K001141494
Furuse, M. [42481], Japan K001141491
Zhurba, O. [6856] K001141282
Wilson, E.H. [2923 bis], China K001141519
Togasi, M. [TSM 1214], Japan K001141484
Giraldi, J. [s.n.], China K001141540
Licent, E. [6524], China K001141521
Kung, H.W. [K2065], China K001141522
Chow, H.F. [40995], China K001141548
Chow, H.F. [40735], China K001141549
Wilson, E.H. [Bis 8653] K001141500
Yinger, B.R. [3034] K001141503
Csiba, L. [Chase 6225.B] K001150824
Wilson, E.H. [[1305]], China K001141517
Wilson, E.H. [1205], China K001141511
Furuse, M. [42481], Japan K001141492
Wang, F.T. [22444], China K001141530
Wang, F.T. [22442], China K001141527
Giraldi, J. [s.n.], China K001141535
Togasi, M. [s.n.], Japan K001141485
Chow, H.F. [2014], China K001141551
Furuse, M. [52816], Japan K001141493
Purdom, W. [s.n.], Taiwan K001141541
Wang, F.T. [21658], China K001141528
Rudall, P. [s.n.], United Kingdom K001150825
Furuse, M. [41518], Japan K001141506
Kharkevich, S.S. [896], Russian Federation K001141286

First published in Ill. Fl. Japan 1(7): 2 (1891)

Accepted by

  • Chang, C.S., Kim, H. & Chang, K.S. (2014). Provisional checklist of vascular plants for the Korea peninsula flora (KPF): 1-660. DESIGNPOST.
  • Denisov, N. (2008). Addition to Vascular flora of the Kozlov island (Peter the Great Gulf, Japanese sea) Turczaninowia 11(4): 29-42.
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  • Iwatsuki, K., Boufford, D.E. & Ohba, H. (2016). Flora of Japan IVb: 1-335. Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo.

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