Calamus L.

Calamus guruba Buch.-Ham. ex Mart.

This species is accepted, and its native range is NE. India to Bangladesh.

India (North-central and North-east), Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand (East, South-east and Peninsular), Laos (South) and Peninsular Malaysia. Also probably Cambodia (Gagnepain & Conrard 1937).
wai deng (Lao Loum), wai kikai (Thailand).
In Laos, scrub forest, often by rivers, at 100 m. In Thailand, evergreen forest up to 750 m.
Widespread and so probably of little concern, although Renuka (1999) notes that the Indian populations have declined considerably in recent years.

Cane used in handicrafts, trade potential unknown in Indochina but reported to be a highly sought-after species in West Bengal (Sarkar 1999). Shoot edible.

Native to:

Assam, Bangladesh, East Himalaya, India

Calamus guruba Buch.-Ham. ex Mart. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Jan 1, 2000 Kerr, A.F.G. [9414], Thailand K000525659
Jan 1, 2000 Helfer [6398], Burma K000521903
Jan 1, 2000 [Wallich] [s.n.], Burma K000525692 holotype
Jan 1, 2000 Parker, R.N. [2483], Burma K000521900
Jan 1, 2000 Kerr, A.F.G. [9414A], Thailand K000525660
Jan 1, 2000 Kerr, A.F.G. [19811], Thailand K000525657
McClelland [s.n.E68], Burma K000521882
Phengkhlai, C. [663], Thailand K000525661
Jenkins, J.D. [s.n.E114] K000521914
Gamble [7768], Bangladesh K000521892
Hooker and Thompson [s.n. E117] K000521896
Keenan [s.n. E109], India K000521912
Cowan, J.M. [s.n. E110], India K000521913
Henderson, A. [3181], Myanmar K000208544
Helfer [6390], Burma K000521901
Haines, H.H. [5238], Burma K000521916
Hooker and Thompson [s.n. E117] K000521897
Maung BA PE [13057], Burma K000521921
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E108], India K000521908
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E108], India K000521909
McMillen, J.R. [s.n. E107], Burma K000521889
Gamble [7883], Bangladesh K000521894
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E118], Bangladesh K000521898
Haines, H.H. [3686], Burma K000521879
Gamble [7768], Bangladesh K000521893
Griffith [s.n.E112], India K000521918
Gamble [324], India K000521911
Henderson, A. [3118], Myanmar K000208551
Gamble [6759], Bangladesh K000521891
Griffith [6383], India K000521917
Gamble [6759], Bangladesh K000521890
McClelland [s.n.E67], Burma K000521884
Maung BA PE [13057], Burma K000521920
Vogt, G.B. [BU56], Burma K000521925
Haines, H.H. [3686a], Burma K000521881
McMillen, J.R. [s.n. E107], Burma K000521888
Dransfield, J. [JD5458], Thailand K000525658
Gamble [324], India K000521910
unknown [540], India K000462311
Helfer [6396], Burma K000521886
McClelland [s.n.E67], Burma K000521883
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E108], India K000521907
Mann, G. [s.n. E116], India K000521922
unknown [540], India K000462310
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E118], Bangladesh K000521899
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E111], India K000521904
Gamble [7883], Bangladesh K000521895
Helfer [6390], Burma K000521885
Mann, G. [s.n.E113], India K000521923
Helfer [6396], Burma K000521902
Mooney, H.F. [1364], India K000521887
Maung BA PE [13057], Burma K000521919
Haines, H.H. [5238], Burma K000521915
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E108], India K000521906
Khamphone [411], Laos K000114557
Haines, H.H. [3686], Burma K000521880
Hooker and Thompson [s.n.E111], India K000521905
Hooker [8614], India K000521924

First published in Hist. Nat. Palm. 3: 211 (1838)

Accepted by

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