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This genus is accepted, and its native range is America, Tropical & S. Africa, Madagascar.
Heteranthera reniformis


Pontederiaceae, B. Verdcourt. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 1968

Morphology General Habit
Aquatic herbs; lower stems creeping and rooting in the mud
Morphology Leaves
Leaves either all linear and submerged, or ovate or reniform and floating, sessile, or petioles long, sheathing the stem at the base; flowering stems bearing an apical leaf, the sheath of which encloses the membranous spathe
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers
Flowers rather small, solitary or several, arranged in a spike subtended by the spathe; also one or more cleistogamous flowers enclosed in the spathe or sometimes mingled with the normal flowers
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Perianth
Perianth almost regular, funnel-shaped or salver-shaped, divided into 6 equal oblong spreading lobes
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Androecium Stamens
Stamens 3 in normal flowers, sometimes solitary in cleistogamous flowers, inserted at the throat of the perianth-tube, exserted and unequal
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Gynoecium Pistil
Ovary unilocular with 3 parietal placentas or imperfectly 3-locular; ovules numerous; style filiform; stigma thickened
Morphology Reproductive morphology Fruits
Capsule oblong or linear with thin pericarp
Morphology Reproductive morphology Seeds
Seeds numerous, ovoid, ribbed.

Native to:

Alabama, Angola, Argentina Northeast, Argentina Northwest, Arizona, Arkansas, Benin, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, British Columbia, Burkina, California, Cameroon, Central African Repu, Chad, Colombia, Colorado, Connecticut, Costa Rica, Cuba, Delaware, District of Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Florida, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kansas, Kentucky, Kenya, Leeward Is., Liberia, Louisiana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Manitoba, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mauritania, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Northwest, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Mozambique, Namibia, Nebraska, Netherlands Antilles, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Provinces, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Oregon, Panamá, Paraguay, Pennsylvania, Peru, Puerto Rico, Québec, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Carolina, South Dakota, Sudan, Tanzania, Tennessee, Texas, Togo, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Venezuelan Antilles, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe

Introduced into:

Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Sardegna, Spain

Heteranthera Ruiz & Pav. appears in other Kew resources:

First published in Fl. Peruv. Prodr.: 9 (1794)

Accepted by

  • Castroviejo, S. & al. (eds.) (2008). Flora Iberica 18: 1-420. Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, Madrid.
  • Govaerts, R. (2004). World Checklist of Monocotyledons Database in ACCESS: 1-54382. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Flora of West Tropical Africa

  • F.T.A. 8: 2 Nom. cons.
  • Prod. 9, t. 2 (1794)

Flora of Tropical East Africa

  • Fl. Peruv. et Chil. Prodr.: 9, t. 2 (1794)
  • Solms in A.DC, Mon. Phan. 4: 516–522 (1883), nom. conserv.

Flora of Tropical East Africa
Flora of Tropical East Africa

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