Pavonia Cav.

First published in Diss. 2(App.): 2 (1786), nom. cons.
This genus is accepted
The native range of this genus is Tropics & Subtropics.


Native to:

Andaman Is., Angola, Argentina Northeast, Argentina Northwest, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Burkina, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Provinces, Caprivi Strip, Central African Repu, Central American Pac, Chad, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Florida, Free State, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guinea, Gulf of Guinea Is., Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, KwaZulu-Natal, Leeward Is., Lesser Sunda Is., Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Northwest, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Northern Provinces, Oman, Pakistan, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Réunion, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Society Is., Socotra, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, Texas, Thailand, Togo, Trinidad-Tobago, Turks-Caicos Is., Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Venezuelan Antilles, Windward Is., Yemen, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe

Introduced into:

Bermuda, Georgia, Mexican Pacific Is., Norfolk Is.


Heterotypic Synonyms

Accepted Species


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Cervantes Aceves, N. (1992). La Familia Malvaceae en el Estado de Jalisco, Mexico: 1-393. Editorial Universidad de Guadalajara.

Flora of West Tropical Africa

  • Ulbrich in Engl. Bot. Jahrb. 57: 54–184 (1920).
  • —F.T.A. 1: 189

Flora Zambesiaca

  • Diss. 2, App. 2: [2] (1786)
  • Diss. 3: 132, t. 45 (1787).
  • Ulbr. in Engl., Bot. Jahrb. 57: 54 (1920–21).

Flora of Somalia

  • Flora Somalia, Vol 2, (1999) Author: by M. Thulin [updated by M. Thulin 2008]
  • Ulbrich in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 57: 54–184 (1920–21).

Flora of Tropical East Africa

  • Diss. 2, App. 2: [2] (1786) & 3: 132, t. 45 (1787)
  • E.J. 57: 54–184 (1920–21)
  • Fl. Eth. & Eritr. 2(2): 224–236 (1995), nom. cons.
  • V.E. 3(2): 380–390 (1921)

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Nov 1, 2011 Pereira-Silva, G.; dos Santos, A.J.B.; Moreira, G.A.; Pereira, J.B. [15165] Brazil K001573986 Yes
Jan 1, 2007 Luke, W.R.Q.; Luke, P.A. [11564] Kenya K000438382 No
Jan 1, 2004 Schimper, W. [889] Saudi Arabia K000659713 Type Yes
Jan 1, 2004 Volkens, G. [1263] Tanzania K000430722 Isotype Yes
Jan 1, 2002 Hemming, C.F. [1068] Kenya K001297696 No
Jan 1, 2002 Gilbert, M.G. et al. [7523] Ethiopia K001297722 No
Oct 1, 1997 Blanchet [3949] Brazil K000535336 Isotype Yes
Oct 1, 1997 [Glaziou, A.] [13545] Brazil K000535301 Type Yes
Aug 1, 1996 Queiroz, L.P.; Nascimento, N.S. [4630] Brazil K001217924 Yes
Jan 1, 1996 Gardner [324] K000535333 Isolectotype Yes
Jan 1, 1996 Glaziou, A.F.M. [14507] Brazil K000535341 Isolectotype Yes
Jan 1, 1995 Hassler, E. [6872] Paraguay K000535392 Syntype Yes
Jan 1, 1995 Hassler, E. [2469] Paraguay K000535401 Type Yes
Jan 1, 1995 Fiebrig, K. [4021] Paraguay K000535345 Isotype Yes
Jan 1, 1995 Fiebrig, K. [1466] Paraguay K000535348 Type Yes
Jan 1, 1994 Taxonomy class of Universidade de Brasilia [1040] Brazil K001217862 Yes
Jan 1, 1914 Wight [173] India K000659706 Type Yes
s.coll. [1348] Brazil K001217815 Yes
Sakuragui, C.M. [15247] Brazil K001217847 Yes
Harley, H.M. [50784] Brazil K001218020 Yes
Krapovickas, A. [42843] Brazil K001217614 Yes
Beckett, J.J. [1292] Somalia K001297695 No
Clover, P.E.; Gilliland [826] Somalia K001297697 No
Gillett, J.B. [4487] Somalia K001297724 No
Hatschbach, G. [50073] Brazil K001217915 Yes
Tschá, M.C. [769] Brazil K001217829 Yes
Krapovickas, A.; Cristóbal, C.L. [35349] Brazil K001217607 Yes
Sello [s.n.] Brazil K001217936 Yes
Hatschbach, G.; Barbosa, E. [56822] Brazil K001218021 Yes
Harley, R.M. [16511] Brazil K001218108 Yes
Grings, M. [1027] Brazil K001217984 Yes
Arbo, M.M. [4349] Brazil K001218106 Yes
Burchell, W.J. [4954] Brazil K001217813 Yes
Pereira [5351] Brazil K001217796 Yes
Mori, S.A. [9492] Brazil K001218111 Yes
Burchell [4448] Brazil K001217602 Yes
s.coll. [1346] Brazil K001217817 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 1885] K001114557 Unknown Type Material Yes
Santos, T.S. [946] Brazil K001217824 Yes
Ganev, W. [1930] Brazil K001218030 Yes
Ganev, W. [501] Brazil K001217872 Yes
Rico, L.; Siete participantes de la Excursión Congreso: Los [1975c] Dominican Republic K000478750 No
Figueiredo, L. [230] Brazil K001217841 Yes
Sano, P.T. [52371] Brazil K001217858 Yes
Gardner, G. [s.n.] Brazil K001217807 Yes
Coradin, L. [5760] Brazil K001217852 Yes
Arbo, M.M. [5667] Brazil K001218110 Yes
Giulietti, A.M.; Longhi-Wagner, H.M.; Stannard, B.; Lewis, G.P.; Harley e M.G. Arraes, R.M. [CFCR 6777] Brazil K001218028 Yes
França, F. [1304] Brazil K001217861 Yes
Lelièvre [s.n.] Senegal K000240565 Unknown Type Material Yes
Sano, P.T. [14580] Brazil K001217859 Yes
Ganev, W. [3431] Brazil K001218032 Yes
Figueiredo, L.S. [62] Brazil K001217839 Yes
Mathews [2085] K000535380 Unknown Type Material Yes
Bautista, H.P. [435] Brazil K001217916 Yes
s.coll. [1343] Brazil K001217816 Yes
Gardner, G. [1461] Brazil K001217803 Yes
Breteler, F.J. [262] Cameroon K000105030 No
Harley, R.M. [50667] Brazil K001218018 Yes
Sano, P.T. [H/52376] Brazil K001218012 Yes
Hind, D.J.N. [H/50073] Brazil K001218022 Yes
Ule, E. [7460] Brazil K001217922 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [13761] Brazil K001217868 Yes
Langsdorff [s.n.] Brazil K001217938 Yes
Arbo, M.M. [5667] Brazil K001218109 Yes
Hassler, E. [7305] Paraguay K000535402 Type Yes
Heringer, E.P. [5471] Brazil K001217611 Yes
Saar, E. [4711] Brazil K001217853 Yes
Kotschy [395] Sudan K000240561 Unknown Type Material Yes
K:SPC-27807.000 No
Harley, R.M. [18936] Brazil K001217921 Yes
Harley, R.M. [14053] Brazil K001217867 Yes
Mori, S.A. [9990] Brazil K001217914 Yes
Krapovickas, A. [4848] Uruguay K000535373 Isotype Yes
Harley, R.M. [4455] Brazil K001217854 Yes
Gardner, G. [4427] Brazil K001217800 Yes
Gardner [3020] Brazil K001218071 Yes
Hassler, E. [7801] Paraguay K000535391 Unknown Type Material Yes
Steward, W.C. [13232] Brazil K001217821 Yes
Harley, R.M.; Mayo, S.J.; Storr, R.M.; Santos; R.S. Pinheiro, T.S. [19510] Brazil K001218015 Yes
Lorentz, P.G. [[672]] Uruguay K000535371 Unknown Type Material Yes
Holton, I.F. [745] Colombia K000535381 Unknown Type Material Yes
Harley, R.M. [54752] Brazil K001217848 Yes
Burchell [4448] Brazil K001217603 Yes
Silva, B.R. [1411] Brazil K001217827 Yes
Grings, M. [820] Brazil K001217956 Yes
Tschá, M. [393] Brazil K001217840 Yes
Melo, E. [1158] Brazil K001217843 Yes
Irwin, H.S. [20693] Brazil K001217934 Yes
Atkins, S. [5758] Brazil K001217855 Yes
Grings, M. [471] Brazil K001217985 Yes
Trinta, Z. [671] Brazil K001217797 Yes
Atkins, S. [14747] Brazil K001217844 Yes
Irwin, H.S. [23958] Brazil K001217605 Yes
Fischer, S. [156] Saudi Arabia K000659711 Unknown Type Material Yes
Fischer, S. [156] Saudi Arabia K000659712 Unknown Type Material Yes
Robert, A. [857] Brazil K001217626 Yes
Irwin, H.S. [23333] Brazil K001217613 Yes
Talbot, H.F. [342] K001217513 Yes
Claussen, P. [s.n.] Brazil K001217593 Yes
Spruce, R. [s.n.] Brazil K001217514 Yes
Harley, R.M. [54083] Brazil K001217849 Yes
Sales, M.F. [670] Brazil K001217925 Yes
s.coll. [1617] Brazil K001217512 Yes
Groppo, M., Jr.; Marcato, A.C.; Soffiatti, P. [772] Brazil K001218033 Yes
Grings, M. [1063] Brazil K001217955 Yes
Harley, R.M. [16511] Brazil K001218107 Yes
Hassler, E. [6987] Paraguay K000535331 Unknown Type Material Yes
Gardner, G. [4431] Brazil K001217798 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 1885] K001114556 Unknown Type Material Yes
s.coll. [1013] Brazil K000535342 Unknown Type Material Yes
Taylor, N.P. [1417] Brazil K001217919 Yes
Cardenas, M. [22] Bolivia K001217516 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 1885] K001114559 Unknown Type Material Yes
Burchell, W.J. [7873] Brazil K001217810 Yes
Queiroz, L.P. [4367] Brazil K001217860 Yes
Pedersen, T.M. [11665] Brazil K001217987 Yes
Glaziou [20715] Brazil K001218072 Yes
Ganev, W. [501] Brazil K001217871 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [13587] Brazil K001217866 Yes
Kirkbride, M.C.G. [1273] Brazil K001217870 Yes
Burchell, W.J. [10035] Brazil K001217812 Yes
Ratter, J.A. [2900] Brazil K001218073 Yes
Gardner, G. [3018] Brazil K001217805 Yes
Hatschbach, G. [56914] Brazil K001217920 Yes
Krapovickas, A. [42821] Brazil K001217604 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. s.n.] K001132299 Unknown Type Material Yes
Krapovickas, A.; Schinini, A. [31482] Bolivia K000535378 Isotype Yes
Glaziou, A. [13544] Brazil K001217532 Yes
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 1887] Burma K001114570 Unknown Type Material Yes
Lucena, M.F.A. [21] Brazil K001217830 Yes
Bautista, H.P. [3879] Brazil K001218025 Yes
Heringer, E.P. [14453] Brazil K001218074 Yes
Ganev, W. [2634] Brazil K001218023 Yes
Gardner, G. [4429] Brazil K001217799 Yes
Glaziou, A.F.M. [10288] Brazil K001217820 Yes
Gomes, A.P.S. [69] Brazil K001217926 Yes
Philcox, D. [4481] Brazil K001217869 Yes
Laurênio, A. [10] Brazil K001217838 Yes
Figueiredo, L.S. [54] Brazil K001217828 Yes
Anderson, W.R. [7988] Brazil K001218075 Yes
Balansa, B. [1612] Paraguay K000535347 Unknown Type Material Yes
Blanchet [2843] Brazil K000535340 Unknown Type Material Yes
Kotschy [220] Sudan K000240560 Unknown Type Material Yes
Ganev, W. [764] Brazil K001217873 Yes
Harley, R.M. [50667] Brazil K001218016 Yes
Fróes, R.L. [19991] Brazil K001217913 Yes
Villarouco, F.M.O. [112] Brazil K001217836 Yes
Dusén, P. [16641] Brazil K001217600 Yes
Giulietti, A.M.; Sakuragui, C.M.; Harley, R.M.; Atkins, S.; Souza, V.C. [CFCR 13723] Brazil K001217863 Yes
Krapovickas, A. [40111] Brazil K001217615 Yes
Ganev, W. [120] Brazil K001218027 Yes
Pickersgill, B. [72-23] Brazil K001217822 Yes
Coradin, L. [6053] Brazil K001217850 Yes
Harley, R.M. [28331] Brazil K001218031 Yes
Gardner, G. [3018] Brazil K001217804 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [4445] Brazil K001217876 Yes
Harley, R.M. [6479] Brazil K001217875 Yes
Pickersgill, B. [72-94] Brazil K001217851 Yes
Gardner, G. [1461] Brazil K001217808 Yes
Harley, R.M. [24201] Brazil K001217818 Yes
[Gibert, E.] [264] Uruguay K000535372 Unknown Type Material Yes
Hildebrandt, J.M. [1372] K000240558 Unknown Type Material Yes
Krapovickas, A. [43128] Brazil K001217610 Yes
Blanchet [2843] Brazil K000535339 Unknown Type Material Yes
Glaziou, A. [14506] Brazil K001217606 Yes
Balansa, B. [4385] Paraguay K000535346 Unknown Type Material Yes
Glaziou, A. [18134] Brazil K001217598 Yes
Pedersen, T.M. [11665] Brazil K001217986 Yes
Ganev, W. [764] Brazil K001217874 Yes
Krapovickas, A. [4804] Argentina K001057219 Type Yes
Santos, T.S. [1173] Brazil K001217823 Yes
Taylor, N.P. [1417] Brazil K001217918 Yes
Harley, R.M. [15182] Brazil K001218013 Yes
Renvoize, S.A. [3228] Argentina K001217846 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [13723] Brazil K001217864 Yes
Burchell, W.J. [6177] Brazil K001217814 Yes
Riedel [933] Brazil K001217594 Yes
Harley, R.M. [24351] Brazil K001217819 Yes
Harley, R.M. [15181] Brazil K001218014 Yes
Harley, R.M. [H/51207] Brazil K001218019 Yes
s.coll. [Cat. no. 1885] K001114558 Unknown Type Material Yes
Harley, R.M. [55270] Brazil K001217923 Yes
Atkins, S. [4924] Brazil K001217856 Yes
Hind, D.J.N.; Queiroz, R.F. [50073] Brazil K001218011 Yes
Ganev, W. [3130] Brazil K001218026 Yes
Hinton, G.B.; et al. [11197] Mexico K001134751 No
Hatschbach, G. [50154] Brazil K001217917 Yes
Gardner, G. [1460] Brazil K001217802 Yes
Arbo, M.M. [4020] Brazil K001217935 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [6777] Brazil K001218029 Yes
Andrade, K. [255] Brazil K001217834 Yes
Harley, R.M. [H/50667] Brazil K001218017 Yes
Thomas [96] Kenya K000430716 Type Yes
Gardner, G. [3589] Brazil K001217801 Yes
Gardner [4428] Brazil K001217596 Yes
Hatschbach, G. [74122] Brazil K001217625 Yes
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 1887] Burma K001114571 Unknown Type Material Yes
Burchell, W.J. [8547-2] Brazil K001217811 Yes
Silva, L.F. [63] Brazil K001217833 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [13705] Brazil K001217865 Yes
Gardner [4428] Brazil K001217595 Yes
Irwin, H.S. [10437] Brazil K001217599 Yes
Claussen [266] Brazil K001217937 Yes
Zappi, D.C. [464] Brazil K001217825 Yes
Stradmann, M.T.S. [668] Brazil K001217842 Yes
Hunt, D.R. [5493] Brazil K001218070 Yes
Renvoize, S.A. [3228] Argentina K001217845 Yes
Grings, M. [840] Brazil K001217806 Yes
Ganev, W. [2634] Brazil K001218024 Yes
Anderson, W.R. [8834] Brazil K001217612 Yes
Damasceno, R.N. [595] Brazil K001217826 Yes
s.coll. [1317] Brazil K001217601 Yes
Chevalier, A.J.B. [75] K000385950 No
Tschá, M.C. [297] Brazil K001217832 Yes
Gardner, G. [1460] Brazil K001217809 Yes
Mayo, S. [1041] Brazil K001217831 Yes
Guedes, M.L. [5196] Brazil K001217857 Yes
Figueiredo, L. [171] Brazil K001217835 Yes
Inacio, E. [41] Brazil K001217837 Yes
Regnell, A.F. [s.n.] Brazil K001217597 Yes


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