Acacia catechu (L.f.) Willd.

First published in Sp. Pl., ed. 4. 4: 1079 (1806)
This name is a synonym of Senegalia catechu

POWO follows these authorities in synonymising this name:

  • Kumar, S. & Sane, P.V. (2003). Legumes of South Asia. A Checklist: 1-536. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. [Cited as Senegalia catechu.]

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Govaerts, R. (1995). World Checklist of Seed Plants 1(1, 2): 1-483, 529. MIM, Deurne. [Cited as Acacia catechu.]
  • Rechinger, K.H. (1986). Flora Iranica 161: 1-15. Naturhistorisches Museums Wien. [Cited as Acacia catechu.]
  • Sarmah, K.K. & Borthakur, S.K. (2009). A checklist of angiospermic plants of Manas national park in Assam, India. Pleione 3: 190-200. [Cited as Acacia catechu.]
  • Wu, Z. & Raven, P.H. (eds.) (2010). Flora of China 10: 1-642. Science Press (Beijing) & Missouri Botanical Garden Press (St. Louis). [Cited as Acacia catechu.]

International Legume Database and Information Service

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