Byrsonima correifolia A.Juss.

First published in Saint-Hilaire, Fl. Bras. Merid. 3: 78 (1833)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is NE. Brazil (to Tocantins). It is a shrub or tree and grows primarily in the seasonally dry tropical biome.


Native to:

Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil Southeast

POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Govaerts, R. (1996). World Checklist of Seed Plants 2(1, 2): 1-492. MIM, Deurne.

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Giulietti, A.M. [1529], Brazil K001221945 Yes
Eiten, G. [101365], Brazil K001221915 Yes
Harley, R.M. [15133], Brazil K001221917 Yes
Nunes, T.S. [1579], Brazil K001221941 Yes
Ganev, W. [3106], Brazil K001221947 Yes
Souza, V.C. [13826], Brazil K001221934 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K001221907 Yes
Ganev, W. [3417], Brazil K001221948 Yes
Ule, E. [7193], Brazil K001221926 Yes
Harley, R.M. [21339], Brazil K001221956 Yes
Ratter, J.A. [8003], Brazil K001221923 Yes
Gardner [2144], Brazil K001221908 Yes
Ganev, W. [3467], Brazil K001221949 Yes
Harley, R.M. [21741], Brazil K001221957 Yes
Harley, R.M. [54190], Brazil K001221958 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [1485], Brazil K001221944 Yes
Almeida, E.F. [293], Brazil K001221922 Yes
Silva, S.B. [329], Brazil K001221942 Yes
Eiten, G. [4664], Brazil K001221903 Yes
Lewis, G.P. [1982], Brazil K001221912 Yes
Ganev, W. [1051], Brazil K001221951 Yes
Gardner, G. [4182], Brazil K001221906 Yes
Ganev, W. [241], Brazil K001221953 Yes
Queiroz, L.P. [5045], Brazil K001221950 Yes
Harley, R.M. [15037], Brazil K001221936 Yes
Carvalho, A.M. [3944], Brazil K001221937 Yes
Carvalho, A.M. [6241], Brazil K001221954 Yes
Eiten, G. [4114], Brazil K001221904 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [s.n.], Brazil K001221943 Yes
Coradin, L. [7419], Brazil K001221918 Yes
Gardner [2064], Brazil K001221909 Yes
Bridgewater, S. [s.n.], Brazil K001221955 Yes
Anderson, W.R. [9024], Brazil K001221924 Yes
Stannard, B. [s.n.], Brazil K001221952 Yes
Bautista, H.P. [3568], Brazil K001221932 Yes
Silva, S.B. [337], Brazil K001221946 Yes
Gardner [4102], Brazil K001221905 Yes
Glaziou [9693], Brazil K001221916 Yes
Ganev, W. [758], Brazil K001221931 Yes
Harley, R.M. [21106], Brazil K001221939 Yes
Forzza, R.C. [3227], Brazil K001221910 Yes
Mello-Silva, R. [1637], Brazil K001221935 Yes
Eiten, G. [10506], Brazil K001221914 Yes
Eiten, G. [10395], Brazil K001221913 Yes
Irwin, H.S. [31460], Brazil K001221930 Yes
Silva, M.F.F. [1148], Brazil K001221921 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [1246], Brazil K001221933 Yes
Harley, R.M. [189114], Brazil K001221928 Yes
Hatschbach, G. [50465], Brazil K001221911 Yes
Giulietti, A.M. [2255], Brazil K001221940 Yes
Harley, R.M. [19747], Brazil K001221938 Yes
Ratter, J.A. [8053], Brazil K001221925 Yes
Coradin, L. [6608], Brazil K001221919 Yes
Harley, R.M. [21245], Brazil K001221920 Yes
Harley, R.M. [20095], Brazil K001221929 Yes
Mori, S.A. [13512], Brazil K001221927 Yes


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