Mayaca sellowiana Kunth

First published in Enum. Pl. 4: 32 (1843)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Costa Rica to S. Tropical America. It is a hydrosubshrub and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.


Native to:

Argentina Northeast, Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela


Heterotypic Synonyms


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Silveira de Carvalho, M.L. (2010). Flora da Bahia: Mayacaceae. Sitientibus Sérrie Ciências Biológicas 10: 91-96.
  • de O. Pellegrini, M.O. & de Carvalho, M.L.S. (2016). The identity and application of Coletia madida and notes on the typification of Mayacaceae. Taxon 65: 605-609.

An alternative taxonomy had been proposed by the following authorities:

  • Govaerts, R. (2004). World Checklist of Monocotyledons Database in ACCESS: 1-54382. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. [Cited as Mayaca madida.]

Catálogo de Plantas y Líquenes de Colombia

  • Bernal, R., Gradstein, S.R. & Celis, M. (eds.). 2015. Catálogo de plantas y líquenes de Colombia. Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia

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  • Diazgranados et al. (2021). Catalogue of plants of Colombia. Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia project. In prep.

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Feb 1, 2014 Spruce, R. [375] Brazil K001068774 Yes
Feb 1, 2014 Harley, R.M.; Souza, R.; Castro, R. [11260] Brazil K001055807 Yes
Feb 1, 2014 Gardner, G. [5237] Brazil K001055819 Yes
Feb 1, 2014 Harley, R.M.; Hind, D.J.N.; Simão-Bianchini, R.; Fothergill, J.M. [25666] Brazil K001055799 Yes
Feb 1, 2014 Thomas, W.W.; Ackerley, D.; Guedes, J.; Lima, R.P., de [4681] Brazil K001055802 Yes
Feb 1, 2014 Harley, R.M.; Giulietti, A.M.; Pirani, J.R.; Stannard, B.L.; Cordeiro, I.; Kameyama, C. [24355] Brazil K001055804 Yes
Feb 1, 2014 Harley, R.M.; Mayo, S.J.; Storr, R.M.; Santos, T.S., dos; Pinheiro, R.S. [20046] Brazil K001055801 Yes
Mar 13, 2013 Glaziou, A.F.M. [8006] Brazil K001055810 Yes
Aug 1, 1993 Harley, R.M.; Stannard, B.L.; Hind, D.J.N.; Kameyama, C.; Prado, J.; Rudall, P.J.; Simão-Bianchini, R.; Taylor, N.P.; Zappi, D.C. [24881] Brazil K001055800 Yes
Jan 1, 1974 Prance, G.T.; Maas, P.J.M.; Woolcott, D.B.; Monteiro, O.P.; Ramos, J.F. [16012] Brazil K001055803 Yes
Feb 8, 1966 Lindeman, J.C.; Haas, J.H., de [13762] Brazil K001055808 Yes
Dec 5, 1957 Burchell, W.J. [4419] Brazil K001055822 Yes
Dec 5, 1957 Spruce, R. [2669] Brazil K001055823 Yes
Jul 5, 1957 Gardner, G. [5237] Brazil K001055818 Yes
Dec 6, 1951 White, O.E. [2312] Bolivia K000300539 Type Yes
Dec 5, 1951 Spruce, R. [s.n] Brazil K001055821 Yes
Dec 5, 1951 Gardner, G. [2753] Brazil K001055814 Yes
Dec 5, 1951 Tweedie, J. [s.n.] Brazil K001055817 Yes
Woolston, A.L. [1238] Paraguay K002780960 Yes
Hassler, E. [11311] Paraguay K002780964 Yes
[Purdie] [s.n.] Grenada K002780990 Yes
Argent, G.C.G.; Ramos, J.; Richards, P.W.; Souza, R. [6585] Brazil K001055797 Yes
Spruce, R. [s.n.] Brazil K001055815 Yes
Pedersen, T.M. [3180] Paraguay K002780961 Yes
Jorgensen, P. [3725] Paraguay K002780959 Yes
Balansa, B. [2364] Paraguay K002780966 Yes
Hassler, E. [3618] Paraguay K002780969 Yes
Miers, J. [s.n.] Brazil K001055820 Yes
Morong, T. [498] Paraguay K002780967 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K001055812 Yes
Steyermark, J.A. [88780] Venezuela K002780991 Yes
Philcox, D.; Fereira, A.; Bertoldo, J. [3311] Brazil K001055805 Yes
Smith, D. [228] Brazil K001055824 Yes
Philcox, D.; Fereira, A. [4125] Brazil K001055806 Yes
Hassler, E. [8661] Paraguay K002780963 Yes
Fiebrig, K. [5716] Paraguay K002780962 Yes
Sprague, T.A. [s.n.] Venezuela K002780992 Yes
Wood, J.R.I.; Harley, R.M. [18110] Bolivia K002780993 Yes
s.coll. [8406] Colombia K002780989 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K002780956 Yes
Granville, D. [3302] French Guiana K002780957 Yes
Smith, D. [228] Brazil K001055811 Yes
Kerr, J.G. [s.n.] Paraguay K002780968 Yes
Pedersen, T.M. [3771] Argentina K002780997 Yes
Poiteau [s.n.] French Guiana K001055809 Yes
Philcox, D. [3311] Brazil K:SPC-35038.000 No
Hassler, E. [4754] Paraguay K002780965 Yes
Forzza, R.C.; Mello-Silva, R.; Monteiro, R.F.; Saavedra, M.M. [4945] Brazil K001055798 Yes
Spruce, R. [375] Brazil K001055813 Yes
Lourteig, A. [s.n.] Brazil Mayaca lagoensis K002780958 Yes


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