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This species is accepted, and its native range is Gabon to Congo, S. Mozambique to KwaZulu-Natal.
A specimen from Kew's Herbarium


Celastraceae, N. K. Robson. Flora Zambesiaca 2:2. 1966

Morphology General Habit
Shrub, scandent, up to at least 6 m. high, glabrous; stems olive-green and 4-lined when young, becoming vinous-red and eventually red-brown, terete, with ± prominent round whitish lenticels.
Morphology Leaves
Leaf-lamina dark green or yellow-green, slightly paler beneath or concolorous, 2·7–6·9 (7·4) × (1·5) 2·2–3·7 cm., elliptic to oblong or subcircular, obtuse to rounded at the apex, with margin shallowly obtusely glandular-dentate, cuneate at the base, subcoriaceous, with 5–7 lateral nerves and reticulate venation prominent on both sides; petiole 6–8 mm. long; stipules c. 1·5–2 mm. long, acicular, caducous, not united.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers
Flowers (2)3–15(19) in ± lax simple axillary dichasia; buda 2–3 mm. long, globose; pedicels (2)3–5(6) mm. long; bracts c. 1 mm. long, triangular, subacute to apiculate, with margin entire, persistent.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Calyx
Sepals dark green with paler ciliolate-denticulate margin, c. 0·7 mm. long, subequal, broadly ovate to semicircular, rounded.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Corolla
Petals dark green with paler minutely ciliolate margin, 2–3 mm. long, unguiculate, with claw short and lamina ovate-cordate to subcircular, rounded, cucullate, imbricate in bud.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Disc
Disk single, shallowly truncate-conic, with margin flattened and subentire or slightly 5-lobed.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Androecium Stamens
Stamens 3, with filaments short, broad; anthers extrorse, subcircular, 1-thecous.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Gynoecium Pistil
Ovary with style elongated; stigmas united; ovules c. 8 per loculus.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Fruits
Mericarps green, 4·5–5 × 2·3–2·8 cm., flattened, obovate to oblong-obovate, rounded to truncate at the apex, c. 8-seeded, smooth.
Morphology Reproductive morphology Seeds
Seeds winged, with veins marginal and submedian.

Native to:

Congo, Gabon, KwaZulu-Natal, Mozambique, Zambia, Zaïre

Pristimera delagoensis (Loes.) R.H.Archer appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Schlechter [11517], Mozambique Prionostemma delagoensis K000036021 Unknown type material

First published in Molec. Phylogen. Evol. 59: 328 (2011)

Accepted by

  • Govaerts, R., Nic Lughadha, E., Black, N., Turner, R. & Paton, A. (2021). The World Checklist of Vascular Plants, a continuously updated resource for exploring global plant diversity. Scientific Data 8: 215.


Kew Backbone Distributions

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Flora Zambesiaca
Flora Zambesiaca

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