Solanum crinitum Lam.

First published in Tabl. Encycl. 2: 20
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Tropical America. It is used as a medicine and for food.


Native to:

Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela

Introduced into:

Myanmar, Trinidad-Tobago


Heterotypic Synonyms

POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

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Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Nov 1, 2013 Spruce [1284], Brazil K000983088 Yes
Nov 1, 2013 Gardner [2267], Brazil K000983300 Yes
Oct 8, 2013 Spruce, R. [s.n.], Brazil K000983317 Yes
Jan 1, 2013 Burchell [972A], Brazil K000983045 Yes
Apr 1, 2007 Projeto Flora Cristalino [7], Mato Grosso K000447769 Yes
Dec 1, 2003 Eden, M.J. [25], Brazil K000983046 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Philcox, D. [3359], Brazil K000983049 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Archer, W.A. [7875], Brazil K000983315 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Ratter, J.A. [1164], Brazil K000983050 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Dahlgren, B.E. [278], Brazil K000983314 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Spruce [790], Brazil K000983044 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Irwin, E.S. [21416], Brazil K000982045 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Spruce [790], Brazil K000983318 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Argent, G. [6616], Brazil K000983054 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Eiten, G. [10260], Brazil K000983040 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Eiten, G. [4495], Brazil K000983041 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Archer, W.A. [7875], Brazil K000983087 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Ratter, J.A. [1283], Brazil K000983051 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Archer, W.A. [7875], Brazil K000983086 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Smith, D. [335], Brazil K000983047 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Traill, J.W.H. [591], Brazil K000983085 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Glaziou [11365], Brazil K000983298 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Philcox, D. [3130], Brazil K000983053 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Blanchet [2902], Bahia K000590055 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Blanchet [2902], Bahia K000590056 Yes
Jan 1, 1990 Spruce, R. [790], Brazil K000983319 Yes
Jan 1, 1988 Pearsom, H.P.N. [62], Brazil K000983058 Yes
Jan 1, 1987 Nee, M. [34657], Brazil K000983295 Yes
Jan 1, 1986 Thomas, W. [3900], Brazil K000983052 Yes
Jan 1, 1986 Silva, M.B. [44], Brazil K000983313 Yes
Jan 1, 1985 Mori, S. [17307], Brazil K000983043 Yes
Jan 1, 1984 Amaral, I.L. [819], Brazil K000983055 Yes
Jan 1, 1983 Amaral, I.L. [977], Brazil K000983084 Yes
Jan 1, 1983 s.coll. [s.n.] K000983312 Yes
Jan 1, 1983 Traill, J.W.H. [592], Brazil K000983316 Yes
Jan 1, 1983 Burchell [9000], Brazil K000983296 Yes
Jan 1, 1973 Irwin, H.S. [17463], Brazil K000983057 Yes
Jan 1, 1973 Irwin, H.S. [6328], Brazil K000983056 Yes
Jul 4, 1905 Madriñan, S. [1025], Colombia K000788405 Yes
Gardner [2267], Brazil K000983299 Yes
Traill, J.W.H. [591], Guyana K000545774 Yes
Henkel, T.W. [5466], Guyana K001161495 Yes
s.coll [2906], Guyana K001161498 Yes
Nee, M. [34352], Brazil K001161529 Yes
Barroso, G.M. [285], Brazil K001161532 Yes
Santos, J.L. [916], Brazil K001161546 Yes
Quelch, J.J. [134], Guyana K001161505 Yes
Waby, J.F. [s.n.], Guyana K001161497 Yes
Jenman, G.S. [882], Guyana K001161488 Yes
Lasseign, A. [P21163], Brazil K001161543 Yes
Furlan, A. [296], Brazil K001161535 Yes
Jansen-Jacobs, M.J. [1515], Guyana K000545789 Yes
Kalbreyer [1674], Colombia K001163764 Yes
Duarte, A.P. [5225], Brazil K001161514 Yes
Jansen-Jacobs, M.J. [6644], Suriname K001161494 Yes
Sagot, P. [1012], French Guiana K001161511 Yes
Abraham [19], Guyana K001161503 Yes
Cid, C.A. [4486], Brazil K001161530 Yes
Parker [s.n.], Guyana K001161492 Yes
André, É.-.F. [1091] K001163765 Yes
Wessels Boer, J.G. [1202], Suriname K001161510 Yes
Dubs, B. [1476], Brazil K000545791 Yes
Schatz, G.E. [1008], Brazil K001161521 Yes
Stoffers, A.L. [113], Guyana K000545777 Yes
Pirani, J.R. [1627], Brazil K001161536 Yes
Plowman, T. [2746], Brazil K000545773 Yes
Gleason, H.A. [282], Guyana K001161489 Yes
Nelson, B.W. [1221], Brazil K001161541 Yes
Nee, M. [34408], Brazil K001161525 Yes
Lister [33], Venezuela K001163768 Yes
Lindeman, J.C. [15], Suriname K001161508 Yes
Amaral, I.L. [1131], Brazil K001161517 Yes
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Martinelli, G. [4879], Brazil K001161513 Yes
Nee, M. [34507], Brazil K001161524 Yes
Eiten, G. [10845], Brazil K001161538 Yes
Zarucchi, J.L. [1109], Colombia K001163767 Yes
André, É.F. [1091] K001163761 Yes
Knapp, S. [6726], Venezuela K000545816 Yes
Drake [s.n.], Guyana K001161491 Yes
Maas, P.J.M. [286], Brazil K001161545 Yes
Prance, G.T. [1817], Brazil K001161515 Yes
Colchester [2275], Venezuela K001163769 Yes
Davis, E.W. [87], Colombia K000545812 Yes
Thurn, E.F. im [s.n.], Guyana K001161501 Yes
Lindeman, J.C. [656], Suriname K000545771 Yes
Ribeiro, J.E.L.S. [1295], Brazil K001161540 Yes
Eden, M.J. [CAE/MJE/126], Colombia K000545813 Yes
Sperling, C.R. [5684], Brazil K001161516 Yes
Secco, R.S. [139], Brazil K001161518 Yes
Myers, J.G. [5756], Guyana K001161490 Yes
Waby, J.F. [s.n.], Guyana K001161496 Yes
Hostmann [1270], Suriname K001161504 Yes
Lindeman, J.C. [15], Suriname K001161507 Yes
Jenman [6281], Guyana K001161493 Yes
Nee, M. [34732], Brazil K001161526 Yes
s.coll [F170], Guyana K001161499 Yes
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Eiten, G. [10260], Brazil K001161519 Yes
Cid Ferreira, C.A. [5388], Brazil K001161539 Yes
Schultes, R.E. [26055], Colombia K001163760 Yes
Harley, R.M. [22239], Brazil K001161533 Yes
s.coll [s.n.], Guyana K001161500 Yes
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Milliken, W. [2132], Brazil K001161527 Yes
Kalbreyer [1474], Colombia K000545811 Yes
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Plowman, T. [2746], Brazil K001161512 Yes
Oliveira, M.A.F. [s.n.], Brazil K000983308 Yes
Stannard, B.L. [68], Venezuela K000545815 Yes
Ratter, J.A. [R7808], Brazil K001161520 Yes
Hostmann [s.n.], Suriname K000545776 Yes
Plowman, T.C. [4194], Colombia K000545814 Yes
André, É.-.F. [K.703] K001163762 Yes
Lowe, J. [4068], Brazil K000983297 Yes
Lisbao, A. [77], Brazil K001161522 Yes
s.coll [1674] K001163763 Yes
Hoffman, B. [1348], Guyana K001161506 Yes
Persaud, R. [1623], Guyana K000545775 Yes


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