Arisarum vulgare O.Targ.Tozz.

First published in Ann. Mus. Imp. Fis. Firenze 2(2): 67 (1810)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Medit. to W. Transcaucasus. It is a tuberous geophyte and grows primarily in the subtropical biome.


Native to:

Albania, Algeria, Baleares, Corse, Cyprus, East Aegean Is., France, Greece, Italy, Kriti, Lebanon-Syria, Morocco, Palestine, Sardegna, Sicilia, Sinai, Spain, Transcaucasus, Turkey, Yugoslavia


Homotypic Synonyms

Accepted Infraspecifics


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

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CATE Araceae

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Kew Backbone Distributions

  • Takhtajan, A.L. (ed.) (2006). Konspekt Flora Kavkaza 2: 1-466. Editio Universitatis Petropolitanae.

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Sep 4, 1982 Forbes, E. [s.n.] Türkiye K000499288 Type Yes
Palmer, C.E. [158] Egypt K002979748 Yes
Gandoger, M. [8321] Greece K002979637 Yes
Martindale, G.E. [212A] Spain K002979666 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Greece K002979630 Yes
Horton, V. [1323] Greece K002979629 Yes
s.coll [433] Spain K002979653 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Egypt K002979751 Yes
Brown, H.M. [143] Spain K002979672 Yes
Edmonds, M.E. [1] Spain K002979675 Yes
Maitland, T.D. [338] Lebanon K002979763 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Italy K002979642 Yes
Ogilvie, G.H. [s.n.] West Bank K002979771 Yes
Sintenis; Rigo [865] Cyprus K002979730 Yes
Barclay, C. [2930] Greece K002979633 Yes
Reverchon, E. [s.n.] Italy K002979656 Yes
Metcalfe [s.n.] Italy K002979649 Yes
Hill, A.W.; Sandwith, N.Y.; Turril, W.B. [2366] Greece K002979625 Yes
Lanz [101] Spain K002979834 Yes
Penchinat, C.; Billot, C. [s.n.] France K002979621 Yes
Letourneux, A. [143] Egypt K002979745 Yes
Syngrassides, A. [1445] Cyprus K002979740 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Italy K001733841 Yes
Reverchon, E. [152] France K002979601 Yes
Platt, J.W.O. [36] Greece K002979631 Yes
[Spruner] [s.n.] Greece K002979623 Yes
Parry, N.E. (Mrs.) [1354] Spain K002979665 Yes
Trethewy, A.W. [265] Morocco K002979812 Yes
Atherton, G.E. [818] Cyprus K002979723 Yes
Bogner, J. France K:SPC-42447.000 No
s.coll. [325 x ] Israel K002979776 Yes
Thomas, P. [s.n.] Italy K001733839 Yes
Davidson, J.M. [2] Türkiye K002979780 Yes
Romain, C. [1769] Algeria K002979808 Yes
Lock, J.M. [35] Greece K002979622 Yes
Sintenis, P. [865] Cyprus K002979729 Yes
Willmott, E.A.; Roubert, M. [s.n.] France K002979619 Yes
Brenan, J.P.M. [367] France K002979614 Yes
Helbaek, H. [63] Lebanon K002979760 Yes
Platt, J.W.O. [36] Greece K002979718 Yes
Paris, E.G. [s.n.] Algeria K002979814 Yes
Kennedy, E.W. [76] Spain K002979676 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Egypt K002979753 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Algeria K002979804 Yes
Meyers, F. [B4325] Israel K002979769 Yes
Cheese, M.J.; Mitchell; Cheese; Watson [3887] Türkiye K002979788 Yes
Collett, H. [s.n.] Spain K002979830 Yes
s.coll. [2682] Egypt K002979754 Yes
Reverchon, E. [38] Italy K002979659 Yes
Roger-Smith, H. [s.n.] Cyprus K002979728 Yes
Trevor-Battye, A. [s.n.] Greece K002979636 Yes
Trott, A.C. [2083] Lebanon K002979762 Yes
Bourgeau, E. [445] Spain K002979835 Yes
{Tommasini Mag. Praesid} [s.n.] Italy K001733842 Yes
Cheese, M.J.; Mitchell; Cheese; Watson [3903] Türkiye K002979789 Yes
Porta, P.; Rigo, [169] Spain K002979679 Yes
Simpson, N.D. [478] Egypt K002979758 Yes
Forbes [581] Türkiye K002979782 Yes
Gibraltar [s.n.] Spain K002979678 Yes
Oswald, P.H. [36] Cyprus K002979725 Yes
Greece K:SPC-51018.000 No
Gamble, J.S. [28035] Italy K002979660 Yes
[Hyeres] [s.n.] France K002979616 Yes
Bourgeau, E. [366] France K002979599 Yes
Nicolson, D.H. [1736] Lebanon K002979761 Yes
Harding, L.H. [127] Israel K002979770 Yes
Heldreich [s.n.] Greece K002979627 Yes
Keith, H.G. [s.n.] Libya K002979810 Yes
Tommasini [s.n.] Croatia K002979608 Yes
Letourneux, A. [143] Egypt K002979750 Yes
[E. M. Ly] [s.n.] Italy K002979651 Yes
Gamble, J.S. [28008] Italy K002979661 Yes
Casey, E.C. [150] Cyprus K002979721 Yes
Archibald, J.C. [870] Algeria K002979805 Yes
Ragusa [s.n.] Croatia K002979611 Yes
Drar, M. [4207] Egypt K002979746 Yes
Nicholson, W.E. [s.n.] France K002979600 Yes
{A. ve T. Baytop} [10 708] Türkiye K002979779 Yes
White, M.F. [785] Israel K002979773 Yes
[Th. Dim] [22] Spain K002979829 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] France K002979618 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K002979836 Yes
Kennedy, E.W. [76] Spain K002979667 Yes
Reverchon, E. [152] France K002979602 Yes
Tengwall, T.A. [56] Türkiye K002979781 Yes
Davis [2007] Cyprus K002979724 Yes
Davis; Polunin, O. [25220] Türkiye K002979777 Yes
Lascelles, A.G.; Lascelles, M.E. [s.n.] Cyprus K002979719 Yes
Müller [s.n.] Egypt K002979755 Yes
[Nepali] [s.n.] Italy K002979648 Yes
Canut [s.n.] Algeria K002979807 Yes
s.coll. [99] Egypt K002979752 Yes
Martindale, G.E. [212] Spain K002979669 Yes
Davis, P.H. [4936] West Bank K002979774 Yes
Billot, C.; Huet, A. [s.n.] France K002979620 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Portugal K002979821 Yes
[Hires] [s.n.] France K002979605 Yes
Trethewy, A.W. [91] Spain K002979825 Yes
Davis [40355] Greece K002979641 Yes
Van Heurck, H. [s.n.] Italy K002979652 Yes
Montbret [s.n.] Egypt K002979749 Yes
Fay, J.M. [834] Tunisia K002979817 Yes
Greuter, W. [7828] Greece K002979638 Yes
Dalziel, J.M. [8011] Spain K002979827 Yes
Simpson, N.D. [1736] Egypt K002979759 Yes
[BH] [s.n.] Lebanon K002979772 Yes
Laukkonen, P. [[709]] Cyprus K002979737 Yes
Mabille, P. [s.n.] France K002979604 Yes
Cook; Keesing Greece K:SPC-51085.000 No
Perez [s.n.] Spain K002979823 Yes
Davis; Polunin, O. [25807] Türkiye K002979778 Yes
Rogers, F.A. [2170] Spain K002979677 Yes
Drummond, R.B.; Hemsley, J.H. [924] Italy K002979644 Yes
Lowe, R.T. [s.n.] Spain K002979824 Yes
Edmonds, M.E. [1] Spain K002979671 Yes
Cheese, M.J.; Mitchell; Cheese; Watson [3880] Türkiye K002979785 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Algeria K002979809 Yes
Mathew, M.M. [4] Tunisia K002979818 Yes
[Guaurim] [100] France K002979607 Yes
Hunt, T.C. [250] Portugal K002979819 Yes
Atchley, S.C. [4] Greece K002979624 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Italy K002979646 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Algeria K002979806 Yes
Marundale, G.E. [212A] Spain K002979673 Yes
Meikle, R.D. [2092] Cyprus K002979731 Yes
s.coll. [101] Spain K002979833 Yes
Spooner, H. [s.n.] Spain K002979826 Yes
Davis, P.H. [3878] Israel K002979775 Yes
Osborne [229] Lebanon K002979764 Yes
Hayne, W.A. [s.n.] West Bank K002979768 Yes
Willmott, E.A.; Guillon, A. [s.n.] France K002979617 Yes
Breckle [911] Spain K002979680 Yes
Boyce, P.C. [193] Egypt K002979744 Yes
Barclay, C. [2948] Greece K002979639 Yes
Marr, J.R. [1396] Greece K:SPC-36013.000 No
Palmer, C.E. [159] Egypt K002979747 Yes
Trethewy, A.W. [396] Morocco K002979811 Yes
Mitchell, A.R.; Mitchell; Cheese; Watson [3885] Türkiye K002979783 Yes
Reverchon, E. [210] Italy K002979658 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Romania K002979609 Yes
Heldreich [s.n.] Greece K002979738 Yes
Vine, R.S. [s.n.] Greece K002979628 Yes
[Hyeres] [s.n.] France K002979613 Yes
Mulford, V.F. [106] Spain K002979832 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Italy K001733840 Yes
Botteri [s.n.] Croatia K002979610 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Morocco K002979813 Yes
Hunt, T.C. [s.n.] Portugal K002979820 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Croatia K002979612 Yes
Reverchon, E. [210] Italy K002979657 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Algeria K002979803 Yes
Huglus, F. [s.n.] Egypt K002979816 Yes
Sintenis; Rigo [131a] Cyprus K002979736 Yes
Watson, J.M.; Mitchell; Cheese; Watson [3891] Türkiye K002979784 Yes
Mabille, P. [s.n.] France K002979603 Yes
Reverchon, E. [s.n.] Greece K002979634 Yes
Kennedy, E.W. [76] Spain K002979668 Yes
Rath [s.n.] Syria K002979766 Yes
S. [Ecoyomides] [1155] Cyprus K002979727 Yes
Porta, P.; Rigo, [549] Italy K002979643 Yes
[Borgean] [s.n.] Egypt K002979756 Yes
s.coll. [556] Malta K002979655 Yes
Martindale, G.E. [25] Spain K002979670 Yes
Martindale, G.E. [212B] Spain K002979674 Yes
Proby, B.M. [66] Spain K002979828 Yes
Lindley [s.n.] Spain K002979831 Yes
Hooker [s.n.] Morocco K002979815 Yes
Hooker, J.D.; Hanbury, D. [s.n.] Syria K002979765 Yes
Hill, A.W.; Sandwith, N.Y.; Turrill, W.B. [2366] Greece K002979626 Yes
Drummond, R.B.; Hemsley, J.H. [924] Italy K002979645 Yes
[Alfred Studdle] [1[0]5] Cyprus K002979732 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Italy K002979647 Yes
[Hyeres] [s.n.] France K002979615 Yes
Turrill, W.B. [s.n.] Malta K002979654 Yes
[T. Titler] [17] Italy K002979662 Yes
Todaro [1305] Italy K002979664 Yes
Engler, A.; [E. Raverchoni] [172] Greece K002979635 Yes
Béguinot, A.; Fiori, Adr. [s.n.] Italy K002979663 Yes
Stagg [s.n.] Cyprus K002979743 Yes
Casey, E.C. [200] Cyprus K002979720 Yes
Kotschy, T. [s.n.] Cyprus K002979733 Yes
Syngrassides, A.I. [492] Cyprus K002979735 Yes
[Thrinko] [s.n.] Türkiye K002979787 Yes
Marr, J.R. [1396] Greece K002979640 Yes
Simpson, N.D. [53161] Jordan K002979767 Yes
Sintenis; Rigo [s.n.] Cyprus K002979739 Yes
Syngrassides, A.I. [1729] Cyprus K002979742 Yes
Atherton, G.E. [753] Cyprus K002979722 Yes
[M. V. N. Ly] [s.n.] Italy K002979650 Yes
Marr, J.R. [1396] Greece K:SPC-51128.000 No
[A. Geimeon] [1371] Cyprus K002979734 Yes
Gassnei, A.J. [111] Cyprus K:SPC-39863.000 No
Oswald, P.H. [64] Cyprus K002979726 Yes
Syngrassides, A. [1445] Cyprus K002979741 Yes
Müller, U.I. [s.n.] Italy K002979606 Yes


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