Convolvulus japonicus Thunb.

First published in J.A.Murray (ed.), Syst. Veg. ed. 14.: 200 (1784)
This name is a synonym of Calystegia pubescens

POWO follows these authorities in synonymising this name:

  • Fang, R.-Z. & Staples, G. (1995). Convolvulaceae. Flora of China 16: 271-325. Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Louis. [Cited as Calystegia pubescens.]
  • Govaerts, R. (1999). World Checklist of Seed Plants 3(1, 2a & 2b): 1-1532. MIM, Deurne. [Cited as Calystegia × japonica.]
  • Kartesz, J.T. in Kartesz, J.T. (1994). Convolvulaceae. A synonymized checklist of the vascular flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland: 217-221. Timber Press. [Cited as Calystegia pellita (Ledeb.) G. Don.]

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Hitchcock, C.L. & A. Cronquist in Hitchcock, C.L. & A. Cronquist (1991). Convolvulaceae. Flora of the Pacific Northwest: 363-366. Univ. Washington Press. [Cited as Convolvulus japonicus Thunb..]
  • Scoggan, H.J. in Scoggan, H.J. (1979). Convolvulaceae. The Flora of Canada 4: 1253-1257. National Museum of Natural Sciences. [Cited as Convolvulus japonicus.]

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