Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth.

First published in London J. Bot. 3: 87 (1844)
This species is accepted
The native range of this species is Indian Subcontinent to Myanmar. It is a tree and grows primarily in the seasonally dry tropical biome. It is used as animal food, a poison and a medicine, has environmental uses and for fuel and food.


Extinction risk predictions for the world's flowering plants to support their conservation (2024). Bachman, S.P., Brown, M.J.M., Leão, T.C.C., Lughadha, E.N., Walker, B.E.

Predicted extinction risk: not threatened. Confidence: confident

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

LC - least concern

Bernal, R., Gradstein, S.R. & Celis, M. (eds.). 2015. Catálogo de plantas y líquenes de Colombia. Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

Cultivada en Colombia; Alt. 0 - 1000 m.; Andes, Llanura del Caribe, Orinoquia, Valle del Magdalena.
Morphology General Habit

International Legume Database and Information Service

Africa: Cultivated
Morphology General Habit
Perennial, Not climbing, Tree
Acacia, Baile De Caballero, Boir Noir, Bois Noir, Bonara, Bwar Nwar, Ebano-oriental, Fany, Faux Mendoravina, Kona, Lebbeck, Lengua De Mujer, Mara, Mata-raton, Rain Tree, Shack-shack, Siris, Siris-tree, Suriya Mara, Vageri, Vaivai Ni Vavalagi, Vakai, Vieil

Biogeografic region: Andean, Caribbean, Orinoquia. Elevation range: 0–1000 m a.s.l. Cultivated in Colombia. Naturalised in Colombia. Colombian departments: Antioquia, Atlántico, Córdoba, La Guajira, Magdalena, Meta.
IUCN Red List Assessment (2021): LC.
Habitat according IUCN Habitats Classification: forest and woodland, savanna, shrubland, artificial - terrestrial.

Bernal, R., G. Galeano, A. Rodríguez, H. Sarmiento y M. Gutiérrez. 2017. Nombres Comunes de las Plantas de Colombia.

bayeto, carbonero, carbonero de sombrío, carbonero dormilón, carita, dormilón, guamuche, guango, muche, mucheblanco, pisquín

M. Thulin et al. Flora of Somalia Vol. 1-4 [updated 2008]

Morphology General Habit
Tree; bark grey, rough; young branchlets puberulous
Morphology Leaves
Pinnae (1–)2–4(–5) pairs; leaflets 3–11 pairs, oblong or elliptic-oblong, 15–48(–65) x (6–)8–24(–33) mm, rounded at apex, mostly glabrous above and subglabrous or puberulous beneath
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers
Flowers on pedicels 1.5–4.5(–7.5) mm long
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Calyx
Calyx (2.5–)3.5–5 mm long, puberulous
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Corolla
Corolla 5.5–9 mm long, glabrous except for puberulence on outside of lobes
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers Androecium Stamens
Staminal tube not or scarcely exserted beyond corolla; filaments 1.5–3 cm long, pale green or greenish-yellow in upper part, white below
Morphology Reproductive morphology Fruits
Pod oblong, (12–)15–33 x (2.4–)2.9–5.5(–6) cm, glabrous except near base, coriaceous, veined, pale straw-coloured
Morphology Reproductive morphology Seeds
Seeds 7–11.5 x 7–9 mm.
Planted in streets and gardens at least in S2, and becoming naturalised probably native in tropical Asia.


Chemical products, Domestic, Environmental, Forage, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Toxins, Weed, Wood

Use Animal Food
Used as animal food.
Use Environmental
Environmental uses.
Use Fuel
Used for fuels.
Use Food
Used for food.
Use Materials
Used as material.
Use Medicines
Medical uses.
Use Poisons

Common Names

Siris Tree


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