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  • Nartheciaceae Fr. ex Bjurzon

This family is accepted.
Narthecium ossifragum


Maas, P.J.M. & Maas-van de Kamer, H. (2012). Neotropical Nartheciaceae.


Herbs, perennial , rhizomatous.  Leaves alternate , simple , basal , linear , distichous , equitant and unifacial or spirally arranged and bifacial.  Inflorescence a terminal raceme , panicle , or spike . Flowers bisexual , actinomorphic , small; tepals 6, free or connate , petaloid ; stamens 6, anthers longitudinally dehiscent , dorsifixed or basifixed, latrorse or introrse; ovary superior to inferior, 1-3-locular, style 1, stigma 1, capitate to slightly 3- lobed , placentation parietal or axile , ovules many.  Fruits loculicidal capsules.  Seeds many, fusiform to ellipsoid .

Distribution in the Neotropics

A total of three genera and 29 species distributed from the U.S.A. and East Asia to northern South America, and of which three genera and nine species occur in the Neotropics or adjacent Florida.

  • Aletris L. (c. 25 spp., pantrop.) - 5 spp. in North America to Florida.
  • Lophiola Ker-Gawler (2 spp.) - North America to Florida.
  • Nietneria Klotzsch ex Benth. (2 spp.) - N. corymbosa Klotzsch & M.R.Schomb. ex B.D.Jacks. and  N. paniculata Steyerm., in the Guayanan Shield in Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil, in savannas and elfin forests on top of table mountains, at elevations of 1,800-2,800 m.
Distinguishing characters (always present)
  • Perennial, rhizomatous herbs.
  • Leaves basal, alternate, linear, distichous, equitant and unifacial or spirally arranged and bifacial.
  • Inflorescence a terminalraceme, panicle, or spike.
  • Flowers composed of 6, small, free or connate, petaloid tepals; stamens 6; ovarysuperior to inferior, 1-3-locular, ovules many.
  • Fruit a loculicidal capsule.
  • Useful tips for generic identification

    Key to genera of Neotropical Nartheciaceae

    1. Inflorescence covered with whitish, woolly hairs, Florida, U.S.A. — Lophiola
    1. Inflorescence glabrous or puberulous —. 2

    2. Leaves spirally arranged and bifacial, Florida, U.S.A —. Aletris
    2. Leaves distichous and unifacial, Guayanan Highlands —. Nietneria

    General Description
    • The three genera are native in the Neotropics or adjacent Florida, but not cultivated.
    Notes on delimitation
    • The family Nartheciaceae are currently placed in the order Dioscoreales by the APG III system (Stevens, 2008; APG III, 2009).
    • Takhtajan (2009) placed the Nartheciaceae in the order Petrosaviales related to Tofieldiaceae.
    • Nartheciaceae have also been placed in Haemodoraceae (Lophiola: Cronquist 1981), Liliaceae (Meerow and Cruden 2001, Cronquist 1981 (Aletris)), and Melanthiaceae (Frame 2004).
    Important literature

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    Nartheciaceae Fr. ex Bjurzon appears in other Kew resources:

    First published in Skand. Växtfam. 64. 1846 (1846)

    Accepted by

    • APG IV (2016)

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    Milliken, W., Klitgard, B. and Baracat, A. (2009 onwards), Neotropikey - Interactive key and information resources for flowering plants of the Neotropics.