Schefflera malmei (Harms) Frodin

First published in Bot. Mato Grosso, Ser. B 3: 26 (1998)
This name is a synonym of Didymopanax malmei

This name was accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Fiaschi, P. & Plunkett, G.M. (2018). Revision of the Didymopanax group of Neotropical Schefflera (Araliaceae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 103: 24-105. [Cited as Schefflera malmei.]
  • Fiaschi, P. & Rubens Pirani, J. (2007). Estudo taxonômico do gênro Schefflera J.R. Forst & G. Forst. (Araliaceae) na região sudeste fo Brasil. Boletim de Botânica da Universidade de São Paulo 25: 95-142. [Cited as Schefflera malmei.]
  • Frodin, D.G. & Govaerts, R. (2003 publ. 2004). World Checklist and Bibliography of Araliaceae: 1-444. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. [Cited as Schefflera malmei.]
  • Sant'Ana Melhem, T., das Graças Lapa Wanderley, M., Ehlin Martins, S., Jung-Mendaçolli, S.L., Shepherd, G.J. & Kirizawa, M. (eds.) (2007). Flora Fanerogâmica do Estado de São Paulo 5: 1-476. Instituto de Botânica, São Paulo. [Cited as Schefflera malmei.]

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