Viola × wittrockiana Gams

First published in G.Hegi, Ill. Fl. Mitt.-Eur. 5: 616 (1925)
This is an artifical hybrid
The hybrid formula of this artificial cross is V. altaica × V. lutea subsp. sudetica × V. tricolor.


Homotypic Synonyms

This name is accepted following an alternative taxonomy by these authorities:

  • Delipavlov, D. & Cheshmedzhiev, I. (eds.) (2011). Opredelitel na rasteniiata v Bulgariia: 1-590. Akad. Isd. Agrar. Univers. Plovdiv. [Cited as Viola × wittrockiana.]
  • Jonsell, B. & Karlsson, T. (eds.) (2010). Flora Nordica 6: 1-298. The Bergius Foundaton. [Cited as Viola × wittrockiana.]
  • Seregin, A.P. (2014). Flora of Vladimir Oblast, Russia: grid data analysis: 1-441. KMK schientific press, Moscow. [Cited as Viola × wittrockiana.]
  • Takhtajan, A.L. (ed.) in Takhtajan, A.L. (ed.) (2012). Konspekt Flora Kavkaza 3(2): 1-623. Editio Universitatis Petropolitanae. [Cited as Viola × wittrockiana.]
  • Townsend, C.C. & Guest, E. (eds.) (1980). Flora of Iraq 4(1): 1-628. Ministry of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform, Baghdad. [Cited as Viola × wittrockiana.]
  • Urziceanu, M. & al. (2020). Updated list of non-native ornamental plants in Romania. Contributii Botanice Universitatea "Babes-Bolyai" din Cluj-Napoca 55: 59-82. [Cited as Viola × wittrockiana.]

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